Bribe to keep Ecclestone in top F1 job


Munich prosecutors may suspect Bernie Ecclestone got involved in the Gribkowsky corruption affair in order to safeguard his top job in F1, according to a newspaper report.

Perhaps it was to stay in charge of the (F1) series

Hans Leyendecker

Having apparently skipped the Chinese Grand Prix, the F1 chief executive issued a statement this weekend confirming he was recently in Germany to answer suspicions of his involvement in the mysterious $50m payment to a banker.

Dr Gerhard Gribkowsky was intricately involved in BayernLB's decision to sell its stake in F1's commercial rights to the sport's current owner CVC.

"It is unclear why Ecclestone would have to do that (pay a bribe)," wrote Hans Leyendecker, Klaus Ott and Nicolas Richter in a detailed report in the Sueddeutsche newspaper.

"Perhaps it was to stay in charge of the (F1) series," they speculate.

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