Brazilian GP: Bridgestone press conference

Bridgestone Press Conference Sao Paulo, 26th March 2002 Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari Felipe Massa, Sauber Enrique Bernoldi, Arrows Luciano Burti, Ferrari Eugenio Deliberato, President, Bridgestone/Firestone Brazil Hiroshi Yasukawa, Director, ...

Bridgestone Press Conference
Sao Paulo, 26th March 2002

Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari
Felipe Massa, Sauber
Enrique Bernoldi, Arrows
Luciano Burti, Ferrari
Eugenio Deliberato, President, Bridgestone/Firestone Brazil
Hiroshi Yasukawa, Director, Bridgestone Motorsport

To start off light, I would like to know what cars each of you and your wives drive?

Rubens Barrichello:"I have an Alfa 166 and my wife an Alfa156."
Felipe Massa: "In Europe I drive a Lexus and in Brazil a VW Golf."
Enrique Bernoldi: "In Europe I have a BMW and in Brazil a Golf, oh and I don't have a wife."
Luciano Burti: "Fiat has given me a Marea to use in Brazil and in Europe I have an Alfa 166."

To Eugenio Deliberato - What is Bridgestone/Firestone's expected investment in market expansion and what are the company's objectives in Brazil?

"We will be investing 75 million dollars in technology development over the next three years."

To FM - This is your third Formula 1 race, what differences you have found since you started?

"The main difference is that everything is larger and greater than in other classes. The car is more powerful, there are more journalists, everything is `more', a lot of promotional work, but I am learning a lot.

To RB - It is known that Michael Schumacher will be using the F2002. Why will only he be using it?

"I will be using the F2001 and I am happy about it."

To RB - After the first two races this year, could you make a comparison and tell us about your expectations for the Brazilian GP?

"I would say the first two races were unfortunate because I have not scored any points, but the pole position in Australia was great and it is a shame that so far I have not been able to get any points. I am in a good phase in the team and I don't mind the small things that happen. My aim is to go forward and do what I like most."

To EB - Arrows has not been able to finish a race yet, why?

"We have not been able to test a lot during the off-season so we have been forced to use the first two races as `tests' to learn more about the car. In the Malaysian Grand Prix we were having a good race and would have had a good place finish if the gas pump hadn't broken."

To RB - This is your 10th season in Formula 1 and may be your last in the Ferrari. This is a decisive year. What are your expectations?

"I don't agree with you because to me every year is decisive, just like last year. Ferrari know I am capable and understand the fact that I am Michael Schumacher's teammate. If they want me to stay I have a great chance and, if not, that will be OK too."

To RB - To cross the finish line is a dream, a duty or a question of honour?

"In the years before, I raced for what people call small teams and this was marked by breakdowns of the cars. So it is hard to say. Last year I was involved in an accident. I guess it was a little of bad luck."

To all drivers - Describe Bridgestone's tyre development?

FM: "We have tested many compounds for wear and grip. Out of three days of tests in a normal testing session, two of them are for tyre performance."

RB: "The tyres are developing a lot and we have dedicated a lot of time to working on tyre development. In Barcelona last week, we used the three days of tests for developing the tyres. Nowadays, with a `tyre war', it is necessary to take time and help Bridgestone develop them."

EB: "We have not had a chance to test so we use the tyres that are taken to the races. During the practices and race we are able to work on the grip and wear."

LB: "Bridgestone is a very dedicated company and is working hard in developing the tyres with different compounds. They are a very organised company and help us a lot."

To all drivers - What does it mean to be a Brazilian driver in Formula 1?

EB: "From the moment you arrive in Europe, people expect you to have good results. In Formula 1, everything is larger and there are expectations and pressure as well, but I would feel the same if I were from any other country."

FM: "Most Brazilians are respected because of Emerson Fittipaldi, Piquet, Senna and Rubens. We have traditionally great drivers and there are only 22 positions. It is very hard and challenging and I think I still have a lot to learn."

To RB - What do you expect for the tyre performance in Brazil?

"We had a four-day test in Barcelona and the weather conditions were similar. The expectations are good, better than in Barcelona."

To Hiroshi Yasukawa - What are Bridgestone's expectations following the tyre development for the Brazilian GP?

"The drivers did a good job in the Malaysian GP in qualifying but the results were not as good. We will continue to develop our tyres to win races, starting here in Brazil."

To all drivers - You have all come from F3000. Is this the best way?

EB: "I spent 2 years in F3000 and this was fundamental because we followed the F1 calendar and learned the circuits. It also helped me to develop physically because the long races in F1 and the more powerful cars demand a lot from the body."

FM: "It is great preparation for physical conditioning because the car is heavier, more powerful, harder to drive and the races are longer. It is very different to drive an F1 car."

RB: "I raced in F3000 in 1992, so this was a long time ago and the cars were more similar to the F1 cars than they are today. Nowadays it is not necessary to be the F3000 champion to have a chance to compete in F1. There is no guarantee that if you are F3000 champion you will have a chance at F1. This is not very good for the drivers."

To FM - What are your expectations for this race?

"I have raced at Interlagos four times with F-Chevrolet and I won twice, had one second and one third place. This will help me because when I got to Australia and Malaysia I had never driven there and I had to use the practice sessions to learn the track. I hope to have a good result this weekend."

To RB - Will the F2001 have any changes for this race?

"It is the same car that we had in Australia and Malaysia."

To RB - You are the oldest in the class, can you analyse the changes made from gravel traps to asphalt, do you think it is a positive change?

"The positive side is that before there was a risk of turning over in the gravel traps and the asphalt has proven to help decrease acceleration before stopping. The negative side is that if you lose your brakes you have no way of slowing down. In Spa it has worked but in Brazil I have only followed the modifications as reported in the press."

To FM - How are you finding the car set-up?

"In testing we were able to work on the set-up but the team has other set-ups in the computer which they believe will be better for me because I haven't been to the tracks before. In Friday practices, I try to work on my set-up and try to learn as much as possible from Nick [Heidfeld - teammate]."


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