Brawn targeted as the man to save F1


Former team boss Ross Brawn has been singled out as the man Formula 1 chiefs should go to to help create rules that will help turn the sport around.

After a weekend where F1 came under attack once again for its lack of excitement, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says the need for change is now essential.

Horner thinks F1's complicated engine regulations, allied to under-fire penalty system, is proof that rules get pushed in the wrong direction when current teams are involved in framing them.

That is why he says only an outsider like Brawn, with no vested interests, is now qualified to step up and work on delivering the right solution to F1.

"The result of the SWG [Sporting Working Group] are the [grid] penalties that we have seen here that have become too complex," he said.

"The work of the TWG [Technical Working Group] is the engine rules that we have. I think take it out of those groups, come up with a product and then place it in front of the teams.

"Maybe you need an independent, someone who isn't currently involved, somebody like a Ross Brawn that understands the business, and understands the challenges, to write a specification of what a car and a set of technical regulations should be."

Bypass teams

Horner has urged Bernie Ecclestone and FIA president Jean Todt to take the initiative and impose a new look F1 on the teams, rather than try to seek their approval.

"As you well know the [F1] Strategy Group at the moment is fairly inept, and I keep saying it, and I repeat it again now: it needs the commercial rights holder [Ecclestone] and the governing body to decide what they want F1 to be," explained Horner.

"Then they need to put it on the table to the teams and say: "This is what we want the product to be. These are the rules. Here is your entry form."

Although any changes still need theoretical approval from teams, Horner thinks that everyone needs to now think of the greater good.

"Whatever we are looking at we are looking for 2017, but it is important we get it right. It is important that everybody recognises that we need to put on a better show and create a better product.

"We are all going to have to probably give a bit to achieve that. We cannot be precious about where we perceive our strengths or weaknesses.

"It is going to take all parties to give a bit in order to end up with a better product for everybody."

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