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Bite-size tech: Toro Rosso sculpted rear wing flap

Toro Rosso's attention to detail with its 2016 challenger is marvellous, with the rear wing already featuring both interesting and novel solutions.

However, it has arrived in China with a new rear wing upper flap to test too.

It features two, higher cambered curvatures on the trailing edge, which will undoubtedly have an impact on how the air moves around the entire structure.

The shorter chord lengths at the outboard portion of the flap are clearly an indication of how they are looking to control the shape of vortex that is shed at the flap/endplate juncture.

Their use of the serrated louvres on the endplates's leading edge is already testament to this.

The curved and cambered central section of the flap features a graduated V groove, as the team seeks the most downforce for the least drag, providing the driver with a consistent level of balance to attack the corners.

Additional reporting by Matt Somerfield

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