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Bite-size tech: Force India introduces blown axle

Force India has a significant upgrade available to it in Bahrain, with the VJM09 now featuring a blown front axle.

This means the team will also revise the brake duct configuration, compartmentalising the ductwork to provide airflow to the necessary components.

The blown axle is a concept used up and down the grid, as it changes the way air flows around the front tyre, improving the wake it sheds.

It's a design that cannot be taken lightly, as it also puts less onus on the front wing to direct airflow around the tyre, which should result in changes here later down the line.

Airflow collected by the brake duct is passed through the hollowed-out axle and ejected out into the path of the turbulent airflow created by the spinning wheel and tyre.

This should help to smooth and shape the airflow structure, improving performance downstream.

Additional reporting by Matt Somerfield

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