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Bite-size tech: Ferrari SF16-H rear suspension

Ferrari has cleverly devised a modular system for the SF16-H that allows the team to change the rear suspension depending on the conditions or circuit at hand.

We've already noted how architectural changes to the powerunit have influenced changes at the gearbox and crash structure, moving the entire suspension arrangement further inboard.

Meanwhile, the upright is interchangeable, with a replaceable carbon panel (seen in the engineer's hand in the above picture) allowing Ferrari to make changes in this area circuit by circuit if necessary.

With the brake assembly exposed, it is also clear that for 2016 Ferrari has made a change to the crossover pipework, used to cool the caliper.

Two pipes, rather than just one, now extend either side of the caliper to keep things cool, something of particular use at a circuit like Bahrain, where the braking demands are high.

Additional reporting by Matt Somerfield


Ferrari SF16H and SF15T gearbox comparison
Ferrari SF16H and SF15T gearbox comparison

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

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