BAR Jerez test summary 2004-12-08/10

Lucky Strike B*A*R Honda completed an intensive three-week period of testing today at the Jerez circuit in Southern Spain. Race drivers Jenson Button and Takuma Sato, third driver Anthony Davidson and test driver Enrique Bernoldi were all in ...

Lucky Strike B*A*R Honda completed an intensive three-week period of testing today at the Jerez circuit in Southern Spain. Race drivers Jenson Button and Takuma Sato, third driver Anthony Davidson and test driver Enrique Bernoldi were all in attendance as the team took advantage of the favourable weather to successfully complete its planned programme.

With the '05 Concept car taking part in its third test, the team are feeling positive about development for 2005 and the progress made in advance of the launch of the B*A*R Honda 007 on 16 January.

Jenson and Anthony began the driving responsibilities on Wednesday for the first day of testing. In the Concept car, Jenson ran through a tyre evaluation for 47 laps before an engine problem caused an early end to his running.

Anthony rejoined the test team for the first time since the end of the season in the 006 car. He spent the morning session conducting an aerodynamic programme, moving onto race simulation activity in the afternoon to complete a total of 102 laps.

Enrique joined the test on Thursday morning, taking over from Anthony. He ran through a long tyre evaluation and completed 54 laps. Anthony was back in the car for the afternoon session and conducted further long runs to evaluate new rear tyres. He completed 44 laps, totalling 98 laps for the 006 car. Jenson also had a productive day as he completed a series of chassis and tyre evaluations over 102 laps, putting valuable mileage on the Concept car.

Takuma joined the test on Friday, taking over from Jenson. He started the day with some set-up work, followed by a chassis development programme and tyre evaluation. Anthony started the morning on a long tyre programme, completing 30 laps, before he suffered an engine failure. In the afternoon, he completed a full race distance simulation with live fuel stops. His final lap tally for the day was 97 laps.

Takuma will stay in Jerez and take part in a two-day wet test programme this weekend, whilst Enrique is currently at the Idiada testing facility to undertake a three-day chassis development programme.

Jenson Button:

"The test went well this week and I am pleased with what we were able to achieve. The first day was interrupted with a few issues that we had to address and unfortunately this hampered the amount of running we were able to complete which was disappointing. However the second day we were able to put a lot of mileage on the new parts that we are testing and achieve our objectives for the day."

"It's important for both Takuma and I to get mileage in the Concept car and continue the development going into the new season. Although the Christmas break will soon be upon us, I am looking forward to the next test and to getting back in the car."

Takuma Sato:

"We have had a good day's testing today as I joined the team in Jerez. This afternoon, I did some tyre evaluations in the Concept car and I was very happy with the data we received. We tried different chassis set-ups on the car in a 2005 aerodynamic specification which I really enjoyed. It is important to get mileage onto the car and I will be in Jerez to complete a wet test for the next two days. I have enjoyed getting back to testing in the last three weeks and I am very motivated for next year."

Anthony Davidson:

"It has been a tough test for me physically this week as it is the first time that I have been in the car for seven weeks. However I have kept up my training over that time and I covered three race distances on three consecutive days here which I am very pleased with."

"We covered a lot of miles running through a series of tyre evaluations for Michelin which provided useful information for next year. We worked hard to find a good balance on the new tyres and I felt much more comfortable in the car by the end of today."

Enrique Bernoldi:

"I drove just for one morning at Jerez this week in the 006 car. My planned programme was to complete a long tyre run which we did successfully so I was quite happy with the results. Today I have been in Idiada for the start of a three-day test also in this year's car. The track was wet today so we concentrated on set-up work and getting a good balance. Our planned programme for the weekend is a chassis and aerodynamic evaluation which will hopefully give us some data to improve how the car performs on the track."

Andrew Alsworth, Test Team Manager:

"We have had a productive test in Jerez this week with near perfect weather conditions. All four B*A*R drivers were in attendance for our final test of 2004. Jenson and Takuma have run some 1034 kms in the Concept car, putting valuable mileage on the chassis and the new Honda engine, encountering minimal problems."

"It was also good to have Anthony back with the team and driving the 006 car for the first time since the Brazilian Grand Prix. He soon settled into the programme, running through an intensive tyre evaluation and providing some useful feedback."

"It's been an intensive three weeks of testing and overall we are pleased with how our development is progressing for 2005. The test team will have a well-deserved break over the Christmas period and we are all looking forward to the launch of the new car in Barcelona."

Shuhei Nakamoto, Engineering Director, Honda Racing Development:

"We've done some useful work on the software for next year's engine and continued the process of gathering data to help with the development programme. It's been a very busy year for the test team and I'd like to thank everyone involved for all their contributions in 2004. We're looking forward to getting going again in January."


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