Ayrton Senna features in new Honda advert

Honda has used Ayrton Senna's voice in its latest advertising campaign, which continues to use Formula 1 as a core part of its promotional push.

The new advert, which was revealed for the first time on Friday, is titled 'Ignition' and showcases all of the vehicles in Honda's portfolio.

But as well as featuring motorbikes, road cars, a plane and the current McLaren-Honda, one segment also features Senna's voice.



The three-time world champion, who won all his titles with Honda engines, is heard as an actor holds up an image of a Honda NSX that Senna famously drove and gave input into to help its development.

In the advert he says: “You think you have a limit. As soon as you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further.”

Later on, the advert also features Jenson Button as two McLaren cars make up the back of the group of vehicles that are shaped like a rocket.

Igniting brand

Honda's Europe's marketing communications manager Jemma Jones told the Marketing website that the campaign was about celebrating the Japanese company's widening interests.

"With Ignition what we set out to do was to liken the engineering achievements we’ve accomplished and the unparalleled product diversity that Honda and really ignite the brand with a bang,” she said.

"We’ve likened our brand diversity to the biggest feat in mankind – space exploration. It’s about making a massive, bold statement about Honda."

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