Autocourse back in time: interview with Jim Clark

Thanks to Autocourse, the world's leading Grand Prix annual, we're going back in time with this exclusive interview that legendary Jim Clark gave to David Phipps in 1967.

DAVID PHIPPS. How different is the Lotus 49-Ford from previous Formula One cars you've driven?

JIM CLARK. Well, the first thing is that it has twice the horse power of most Formula One cars I have driven before, or fact any single seater apart from Indianapolis cars, which are rather different in that they are very high geared and never normally drop below 140 mph. In itself the extra power isn't really a problem, but it does have a tendency to come in with a sudden rush at about 6,500 rpm, and although people say the revs shouldn't drop this low it is sometimes very difficult to avoid it with a fixed ratio gearbox. Life can be a bit hectic when you are coming out of a corner and it suddenly hits on all eight.

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