Austrian GP Prost Acer race notes



N#22 - Jean ALESI PROST ACER AP04 n#06 N#23 - Luciano BURTI PROST ACER AP04 n#04:

Jean Alesi:

"At the start of the race, I had to avoid the cars stuck on the grid and that wasn't easy. Throughout the whole race, we were not competitive enough to be able to gain positions and get a better result. However we continue to prepare the technical evolutions which should allow us to improve in the Grands Prix to come. "

Luciano Burti:

"I am very disappointed, even if it was clear that we were not competitive on this track. At the start, I had to avoid the Jordan cars which had both stalled. I had to go onto the grass, and this cost me few places. In the first part of the race, I was quite slow because the car balance was not good. I also made some mistakes because of the lack of grip. But after the pit-stop and the tyre-change, the car and the grip kept improving. I was able to increase my speed but it was too late to make a difference in my final result."

Alain Prost:

"Once again during both practice and race, our cars have shown excellent reliability. But we have lacked in performance and throughout the week-end we have never managed to find a satisfactory set up for our cars. We have an important test session next week and we are very confident in the technical development we will soon introduce. It will be a good step ahead in terms of performance. It's the only thing still missing in a team, which on all other aspects is in constant progress."

-Prost Acer

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