Alonso to announce “important news”

What has Alonso been working on for all this time??

Fernando Alonso tweeted earlier today that he has “important news” to be released in the coming days.

It makes my motorsport mind go absolutely crazy. I do not know the contract situation at Ferrari, nor the intimate goings on in the Formula One paddock other than what I read in the news.

Because of this fact, and the “loose lips sink ships” attitude of Formula One, we can only make off the cuff guesses at what is happening this week in the Alonso camp.

Here are my guesses…

1. Fernando Alonso is so excited by this news he had to tease the masses, simply because he will finally be getting rid of his good for nothing team mate Felipe Massa. Maybe this is just my hope, but I have said it for some time now. Ever since Massa got smoked by a spring a couple years ago he just isn’t the same driver. Results are far a few between with him. Let’s not get into his Monaco wrecks….

2. The Alonso/Raikkonen boy band is being created. Kimi has been in the rumor world about his situation at Lotus and what could be ahead for the popular Fin. I think it’s suicide to go back to Ferrari after what happened last time, but they can only go up from their performance this year. Maybe this tweet eludes to the fact he is really excited to run with the Finn?

3. The last possible explanation is that he is leaving Ferrari. But…really? That seems like the stupidest move ever. He needs to settle there, and let the team get back to their dominant form AROUND him. He has taken a quasi-competitive car and stuck it on the podium and even the top step when, arguably, the car shouldn’t have. He is the best thing for Ferrari, and knowing the history and drive of that stable he would be stupid to make a move.

I am sure its really something extremely minor. Something about a new suspension piece, or a new personal sponsor that will end up on his helmet. Maybe its something even cooler like he will be running Petite Le Mans in a Ferrari with Kobayashi or something…

PS. I forgot, Kobayashi would be the idea candidate to replace Massa. Just sayin’.

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