Alonso and others open to closed cockpit idea, notes how close to death he came at Spa 2012

Drivers have given their take on the idea of canopies with F1 cars.

Drivers have mixed feelings on the idea of F1 cars with canopies. Some though, are willing to test the concept and see how it works.

"I probably tend to agree to at least check and try or test the idea," said Fernando Alonso.

In 2012 at Spa, I could probably have died there

Fernando Alonso

"I think we are in 2014, we have the technology, we have aeroplanes, we have had many other samples that they use in a successful way so why not think about it?"

Alonso was quick to point out that all the major F1 accidents of recent years have been head injuries, and said that it's one area of safety where F1 isn't as good as it could be. "In 2012 at Spa, I could probably have died there in corner one if it had been 10 cms closer to my head."

We have seen airplanes where it looks quite similar from the cockpit, but now they're closed

Adrian Sutil

Felipe Massa, who was nearly killed by a rogue spring in 2009, completely agreed with his former teammate. "Definitely, for my accident it would have been perfect. Maybe for Jules, I don’t know. But I think maybe it could have been interesting for so many different types of accident, including the one I had."

Preserving tradition

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel was a bit more hesitant however. "If you look at Formula One cars since the beginning of Formula One and open-wheeled racing, I think it’s one of the things that are very special about Formula One." 

He started to elaborate but pulled back, concluding "After what happened, I don’t think it’s right to ... I don’t really have an opinion to be honest."

Adrian Sutil, who was mere feet from Jules Bianchi as the medical staff rushed to his aid, also thinks it would be worth a try. "We don’t know how it would be but I think these cars have been open for a long time in this category but maybe it has a future also with closing them."

He used airplanes as an example, saying "We have seen airplanes where it looks quite similar from the cockpit, but now they're closed. If we can minimise a risk without losing anything, of course it’s very interesting."

While Jenson Button leaned more towards Vettel's opinion, Daniil Kvyat stayed on neutral ground.

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