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What If Tomorrow...?

Hi everyone,

It has been ages since I wrote last, therefore (better late than never.) I decided to do something about it.

I took inspiration from the TV programme I presented and, I can tell you in advance, most probably it will start again next Autumn, here I am telling you how things are going, my hopes and my most concrete omens.

What am I doing nowadays?

Well, I am basically preparing the new season, Handbike season I mean, but this is my new sport passion and it needs much more training than motor-racing.

It is a new experience for me trying to "scrape the bottom of the barrel" with training and I have to say that today I realized the errors I made last year while preparing the World Championship, mostly due to my excess of enthusiasm.

I have nothing to complain about my trainer Fabrizio Tacchino, who followed me with passion and competence. Unfortunately we live quite far apart and often, my way of putting too much emphasis in what I am doing took me to go beyond the work he suggested through the preparation schedules therefore I reached the most important appointment, the World Championship, being tired more than trained...

"My fault", but now stronger with this experience, I started this year more methodically...

The work is going well, even if I train six days a week and I am doing this more "wisdom" and sensations are good.

This is going to be very important to reach London 2012: results achieved in this season will be crucial and from the beginning of May I will have the first World Cup race in Australia.

Spain will follow a month afterwards then probably Canada in July and I will alternate to all these races those that I will manage to run in the European Championship that, will have half scoring of World Cup races in terms of the points awarded for the participation to Paralympic Games.

In September the World Championship will be held in Denmark, this is going to be the final rendering of counts. Up there I will eventually understand if it makes sense for me to keep on racing at this level or if Handbike has to remain for me a good hobby and a good way of keeping fit for a new motor-racing commitment.

Yes, I said it, motor-racing! I miss a bit cars and even if I don't know if I will manage to run London 2012 Paralympics, I know that closed this experience I'd like to find another good steering wheel to enthusiastically hold...

Too old? I believe I am not, my Grandmother turned 100 in 2010 and if I got something from her I am still a kid... The problem might be to persuade a Team-Manager, but I am an optimist and I believe I will do it!

For the time being, for those wanting to say hello to me, or to insult me because they do not believe I am the one writing on this website (if that were not the case I would fire the person writing so infrequently...), or those wishing to spend their Sunday cheering me along the track or at the finish, here is my invitation: next 20 March I will be at Rome's marathon then on 27th in Treviso. Afterwards on 10 April in Milan, 17 in Paua and then... I will let you know... Ciaoooo

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