A Texas showdown: Formula One vs. NASCAR

How will both series racing in central Texas this weekend affect their attendance?

Texas Motor Speedway and Circuit of the Americas are 200+ miles apart, but it's about as close as you'll see F1 and NASCAR ever get.

While NASCAR holds the eighth round of their ten-race Chase for the championship at TMS, Formula One will return to action for the 17th Grand Prix of their 19-race calendar at COTA. How will these two events affect the other, if it all?

There will be an impact, but nothing noticeable or jaw-dropping. In this particular situation, if a motorsports fan were forced to choose between the two, most will probably go with F1. Even some die-hard NASCAR fans, who double as casual F1 watchers, may choose the GP.

Why have the usual when there's something new and different on the menu?

The reasoning is simple. To begin with, NASCAR visits Texas twice each season and there are 34 other points-paying events somewhere in the United States during the year. As for Formula One, this is an American's only chance to experience it without going outside the country.

It's similar to what you see when a fast-food restaurant takes an item and sells it for a limited time before making it unavailable for another year. People will stray from their normal choice just because of the fact that this is something unique and different; something they won't always be able to try.

The fan bases are different, but there is common ground

Formula One has the largest motorsports fan base in the world and although America is NASCAR's turf, F1 still has a strong following from race fans in the states. Will one event hurt the other in any major way? No, I highly doubt that. The fans that follow these respective disciplines are different demographics for the most part, but there's still plenty of cross-over fans (like myself) that live in the region and will be faced with the prospect of choosing one or the other. 

Price may make the decision for some 'on the fence' fans

Price will definitely sway some curious fans away from COTA though. Sunday-only general admission hovers just under $150 (€190), while a seat for Sunday only will cost you at least $250 (€318). Hey, it's the FIA Formula One World Championship, not another Saturday night at Bowman Gray.


No matter where you live, Motorsport.com wants to hear your take. If you were a Texan (or actually are), take your motorsports taste into account and let us know which race you would attend by voting below. Feel free to add a comment to explain yourself as well!

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