A star in the making - Jules Bianchi

We saw it with Daniel Ricciardo, and I believe Jules will be the next breakout star

Marussia’s Jules Bianchi has been overlooked for quite some while, that is, right up until he scored the team their first points during the Monaco Grand Prix. Bianchi managed to bring his Marrusia from 21st on the grid and all the way up to eighth place (before a penalty dropped him to a still very respectable ninth).

Ferrari ties

Bianchi’s partnership with Ferrari could be the main reason he has managed to push the way he has, not having to worry too much about job security when the prancing horses got your back. Watching how hard the Frenchman pushes that car and how he always manages to out-qualify teammate Max Chilton is very impressive, and Ferrari has taken notice.

Patience could be the key

With Ferrari backing him, Bianchi knows he has the opportunity to join Formula One’s most prestigious organization one day. If anything, he needs to gain as much experience as possible before that day comes. He could be promoted from back-marker to championship contender just like that and needs to be ready. Once Kimi or Fernando vacate a seat, Jules will most definitely step in.

Bianchi has the skill, the patience, the tenacity and the finesse that only compares to Fernando Alonso, who ironically, is Ferrari's number one driver at the moment. Patience is the key to what could make Bianchi a World Champion someday.

In conclusion

I bring up Jules because Silly Season discussions are heating up at the moment. However, I don't see Bianchi moving up the ranks until 2016. During the time he has left before one of the top teams pick up this young talent, a move up to a midfielder could be possible. It would be valuable in terms of gaining extra knowledge as he races farther up in the pack and who knows, maybe secure a win the same way Sebastian Vettel did during his Toro Rosso days.

Be part of something big

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