A lap of Hockenheim with Button

A lap of Hockenheim with Button

Renault's Jenson Button describes a lap of the newly redesigned Hockenheim circuit. "Obviously we have to regard Hockenheim as a new circuit and therefore, as I describe a lap of it, it is very much on the information I have gone through with...

Renault's Jenson Button describes a lap of the newly redesigned Hockenheim circuit.

"Obviously we have to regard Hockenheim as a new circuit and therefore, as I describe a lap of it, it is very much on the information I have gone through with the engineers and their computer simulations of the circuit."

"The data shows I shall be approaching the first corner at something like 285 km/h in fifth gear and in turn one I will drop down to fourth gear. I am expecting to take it at around 195 km/h, maybe a little bit faster because we will be running higher downforce this year. This leads me onto what is now a much shorter straight, where I will get up to a very similar speed of around 280 km/h, again probably just holding fifth gear as I approach turn two."

Jenson Button.
Photo by Renault F1.
"This is the start of quite a slow complex of turns two, three and four. The first of these is a right-hand corner which looks very slow and I am sure it will be a first gear corner, probably around 95 km/h at the apex. As I come out of here the corner opens out a little bit and for turn three I should be able to shift into second gear and probably get to around 110 km/h."

"Turn four is a left-hander and although our simulations show it is not quite flat, it should be quite a quick third gear corner taken at around 135 km/h."

"This leads me onto the back straight which although we call it a straight is actually a long very large radius curve and I will easily be flat-out all the way along it. At around 960m, it is similar in length to the straight at Barcelona so, depending on the level of downforce we finally end up on, I would expect to reach the end of this straight in top gear at somewhere between 300 km/h and 310 km/h."

"At the end of this I have to really brake hard because turn six is a very tight first gear hairpin where we expect to be down to around 65 km/h. On exiting that, turn seven doesn't look to be too much of a problem and, in fact, I am hoping we can take it flat, probably at 280 km/h in fifth gear."

"If that is the case, I should approach turn eight at around 290 km/h in top gear, and once again there is very hard braking because this corner is a very tight 90-degree left-hand corner. Looking at the corner radius, I believe it will be another first gear corner, this time with a speed probably just over 70 km/h."

"Turn nine is a relatively gentle left-hand corner and as I accelerate out of turn eight I will probably only be taking this at around 115 km/h in second gear. I should get into third gear and probably around 215 km/h before taking turn ten, where I have only got to drop my speed slightly to around 185 km/h and I expect to hold third all the way through."

"I now head back into something a bit more familiar, because the next turn is the old right-hander that leads back into the stadium. But this year it will be totally different, because the extra drag and the lower exit speed from the previous corner will mean I will approach it at around 280 km/h, rather than the 330 km/h of last year."

"The corner itself will be a lot quicker thanks to the extra downforce, and I expect to take it in fourth at around 220 km/h, some 40 km/h more than in previous years. Now back in the stadium section, I will be approaching turn 13, the Sachs Curve, at a slightly higher speed than last year to the higher exit speed from the previous corner. It will be a 265 km/h, sixth gear approach, and I will be able to carry a bit more speed around this long left-hander. I will probably be taking it at around 115 km/h but it will remain a second gear corner."

"Turns 14 and 15 have always been quite a tricky little kink and this year I hope they are going to be a little bit easier with the extra downforce. I will be taking the first one at somewhere between 200 km/h and 210 km/h in third gear and the second at around 235 km/h in fourth."

"I will head into the penultimate corner still in fourth gear, probably at around 240 km/h, before dropping down to third for turn 16. That will again be a much faster corner than last year because of the extra downforce and I hope to be able to take this at something around 170 km/h in third."

"The final corner is very similar to the penultimate one, and again it will be around 170 km/h in third but a good exit after those two corners will be important as I head back onto the start/finish straight."


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