2016 F1 engines to be "significantly" louder - Lowe

Mercedes tech chief Paddy Lowe expects Formula 1 engines to be "significantly" louder during the 2016 season.

Last year, F1 engine manufacturers worked on a rule that forced them to make changes to the exhaust layout of their cars in order to make power units louder, amid complaints that the current hybrid engines are too quiet.

In 2016, cars will have two tailpipe exits rather than one like in 2015, meaning the sound will not be as blocked as before.

Lowe is convinced the system will work, although he admits he is unsure how much louder the engines will be.

"It will work, and we'll see how much louder they'll be," Lowe said in a Mercedes video.

"Some measurements have been made in labs and they've seen some significant increase.

"The reason for that is the wastegate was causing a sort of silencing of the main exhaust pipe, so by removing it from the main exhaust pipe we have less silencing going on of the main flow."

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