2014 Japanese Grand Prix: Round three of the teammate wars?

The fight for the 2014 F1 championship is reaching a fever pitch.

The battle for the World Championship is about to kick up a few more notches. Just five rounds remain in the 2014 season and the somewhat comfortable points lead Nico Rosberg held has suddenly been obliterated. No one is comfortable. Everyone from the drivers to the team officials and the shop janitor are on the edge of their seats right now.

Three points

Three points is all that separates the Mercedes duo and reliability continues to remain a serious concern with the organization. A volcano erupted 125 miles from the track, perhaps a bit of symbolism of what is to come this weekend.

Rosberg and Hamilton are no longer teammates; they stopped being that a while ago. Nor are they even rivals anymore. Each is simply obstacles ... The only obstacle standing between the other and racing immortality. Neither will bow to the other and I'm pretty sure they'd rather see Ricciardo win than watch their teammate bask in all the glory. An all or nothing mentality.

Tensions are high

The fans are anxious; each contingent is drawing battle lines and slandering the other side. The team has had their meetings and the drivers have been warned to play nice. The reality of it though is that when there's a Formula One World Championship at stake, those words are nothing but words. They are nothing but inaudible whispers once the lights turn green and the field of 22 roars to life. 

The stress level is as high as its ever been.

Will history repeat itself?

We all know the old adage, 'history always repeats itself.' This battle already reached a climax at Spa, but it's now on its way to hitting a fever pitch. The feud has simmered, but the desire and hunger to reign supreme is far from done. 

Two worthy opponents locked in a head-to-head matchup for the World Championship as F1 heads to Suzaka, Japan. Where have we seen this before?

1989 - Prost and Senna collide and politics end up getting Senna DQ'ed

1990 - Senna gets his payback on ex-teammate Prost and his championship in the process

2014 ... Rosberg and Hamilton?

I put the question mark there because this event's history is yet to be written. The likely outcome is that they will stay away from one another and the race will go off without a hitch.

This fight will come to a head once again and it may very well go down this weekend. This war is far from over.

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