2012 'lottery' set to end now?

Jun.11 (GMM) Seven so far, so why not eight?

The world of Formula One on Monday was contemplating the likelihood that a once-predictable sport has now become a race-by-race quest for all new and different winners.

So far in 2012, there have been an unprecedented seven different winners from the opening seven races, including all-new victors like Nico Rosberg, and the return of once-great names including Mercedes and Williams.

We're starting to get a better hand on these tyres.

Christian Horner

"Let's see for how long it goes on," former Force India driver Adrian Sutil said on German television Sky.

"I would guess there are one or two more (different winners to come). Kimi Raikkonen is on the list and also I think the Sauber is a very fast car."

He failed to mention Monaco pole sitter and seven time world champion Michael Schumacher, the improving Felipe Massa, Montreal podium-getter Romain Grosjean -- the list could genuinely go on.

Another view is that, although Pirelli's 2012 tyre has been difficult to unlock, the clever engineers are getting there now.

"We're starting to get a better hand on these tyres," confirmed Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso agrees: "Lewis (Hamilton) was the seventh winner in the seventh race. Surely we will not see any more now," the Spaniard predicted on German television RTL.

"I think now we will see some consistency, starting with a repeat winner at the next race."

Sebastian Vettel thinks similarly, as was revealed when he was asked if - as in 1982 with Keke Rosberg - this year's world champion will have just a single win on his tally.

"No, I don't think so," the Red Bull driver said.

But Montreal winner and new championship leader Lewis Hamilton is not so sure.

"I think it will continue to be like this throughout the year," he said, "but then again my guess is as good as yours."

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