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Issue 99b

Boost For Hungaroring

The Hungarian government have given the Hungaroring 3 million pounds to improve the pit lanes and communication facilities at the track.

More Sponsorship For Jordan

Jordan have a new sponsorship deal with Pearl Assurance and reportedly increased sponsorship from MasterCard.

McLaren Delay

McLaren look set to delay the official launch of their car until the end of February. The team aim to maximise wind tunnel development and help finalise the aerodynamic package of the car. The new McLaren will be the first from Adrian Newey.

The delay means that they will not be able to carry out much testing before the cars are shipped off to Australia, giving them very limited experience of their new Bridgestone tyres.

Williams Red Faces

Williams new paint scheme has landed them in trouble with the anti smoking lobby in Australia.

The first race of the season is exempt from tobacco sponsorship rules because it is deemed an international event, but the lobbyists feel the kangaroo logo (part of the Winfield design) goes against the spirit of the exemption.

Tyrrell Line Up Latest

The possible Tyrrell line up for 1998 changes on a daily basis (almost). This week Andrea Montermini is the hot favourite to partner Takagi, though Boullion and Verstappen are still being linked with the seat.

Portuguese GP Off

The Portuguese government confirmed that the work needed on the Estoril circuit would not be completed in time for the GP to take place. The race has now been dropped from the calendar for the second year running.

Belgian GP Given More Time

With the Portuguese GP now off the calendar the FIA have delayed their decision on the inclusion of the Belgian GP until February 15th. South Africa and China are the two reserve races expected to fill any vacant slots.

Hill And Villeneuve Criticise Schumacher

Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve have both criticised Michael Schumacher over the European GP incident.

Hill called for Schumacher to offer an explanation adding "We have to know his view on acceptable standards of driving".

Villeneuve was rather more straightforward, saying "He has made attacks like the one at Jerez all his life. He'll probably do it again".

Mansell Backs Hill

Former World champion Nigel Mansell has backed Damon Hill to give Jordan the boost they need to win races.

Mansell said he thought Jordan would be in a position to win two or three times in the coming season.

Stewart Cautious

Jackie Stewart has said that he is optimistic about his team's chances for next year, but his main aim is consistency rather than podium places. He wants to finish most races with the chance of challenging for points.

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