F1 Monaco GP Live Commentary and Updates - FP3 & Qualifying


By: Megan White, Haydn Cobb, Jake Boxall-Legge


  • Qualifying has ended with a red flag
  • Leclerc crashes, ending Q3 on pole
  • Verstappen joins him on the front row, with Bottas and Sainz in P3 and P4
  • Ocon, Ricciardo, Stroll, Raikkonen and Russell knocked out in Q2
  • Tsunoda, Alonso, Latifi and Mazepin knocked out in Q1

1. Leclerc, Ferrari
2. Verstappen, Red Bull
3. Bottas, Mercedes
4. Sainz, Ferrari
5. Norris, McLaren
6. Gasly, AlphaTauri
7. Hamilton, Mercedes
8. Vettel, Aston Martin
9. Perez, Red Bull
10. Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo

Status: Stopped
09:17 We've got to tootle off now - we'll see you tomorrow for the race!
09:11 Report coming up shortly, if you want to relive the mania of that hugely engrossing qualifying run.
09:06 So, uh, that was interesting wasn't it? Leclerc gets wall and pole - and he'll hope there's no serious damage to that Ferrari.
09:04 Q3 positions: 1. Leclerc, 2. Verstappen, 3. Bottas, 4. Sainz, 5. Norris, 6. Gasly, 7. Hamilton, 8. Vettel, 9. Perez, 10. Giovinazzi
09:03 Ah, Leclerc touched the inside of the barrier at the chicane, snapped his suspension and that took him on a one-way trip to the wall.
09:01 Leclerc's hit the wall at the Swimming Pool exit, and that gives him pole position!
09:01 Charles Leclerc has dropped it into the barrier!
09:00 We have a red flag!
09:00 Perez gets a lot of traffic on his final lap, and can't really go any further.
08:59 Looks like a lot of drivers playing with their food at the moment, as they charge batteries and prepare tyres for a final push lap.
08:58 Verstappen looked like he was about to have another stab at a lap, but he's decided to use this as preparation.
08:57 Norris has just raised the bar, building a greater gap between himself and Gasly, but remains P5 for now.
08:57 The interval was brief, perhaps in response to the looming threat of dark clouds. No time for a quick ice-cream, then.
08:55 And now begins the return to the pits, as we enter the final chapter.
08:54 Norris now gets up to fifth, displacing Gasly by a tenth.
08:54 Bottas displaces Sainz from third, as Hamilton is only sixth behind Gasly!
08:53 And that's Leclerc on top! A 1m10.346s for the Ferrari driver, as Sainz throws his car up to third.
08:52 It's pretty cool out there and the track surface is very smooth, so some teams are finding a build lap is more to their tastes.
08:51 Bottas gets up to P2, just under a tenth off, as Sainz and Leclerc opt for second prep laps.
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