Let’s meet... Jules Szymkowiak

The 18-year-old Dutchman Jules Szymkowiak made his first experiences in the Formula BMW Talent Cup.

Prior to the 2014 season, Dutchman Jules Szymkowiak (Van Amersfoort Racing) hadn’t gathered any experience in a conventional car-racing series. The today 18-year-old made his first experiences in the Formula BMW Talent Cup. Nonetheless, he felt ready for advancing to the FIA Formula 3 European Championship – and in one of the races at the Hungaroring, he finished sixth to score his first points.

What is you interim conclusion with the first 12 races contested? Finishing sixth at the Hungaroring was my highlight of the season to date. Due to the good pre-season tests at the same venue I had hoped to be able to score my first points, there. But I never expected that I would be able to secure sixth place. I was really delighted with having done so but I also know that these results don’t come by themselves. Therefore, it’s important that we keep on working hard to be able to also secure this kind of results in the future.

Jules Syzmkowiak
Jules Syzmkowiak

Photo by: Stella-Maria Thomas

Why did you opt for advancing to the FIA Formula 3 European Championship? As I see it, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship is an extremely competitive series and represents an important step on the road to professional motor racing. I know that advancing to the FIA Formula 3 European Championship represented a major step for me but I felt ready for making it. I think that I’m able to quickly adapt to new situations and that I’ve got talent.

What makes the FIA Formula 3 European Championship special, from your point of view? From the technical and the racing points of view, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship is just perfect and offers young drivers the chance of learning a lot. You are taught how the car works and how to set a racing car up.

How do you feel as Teams Van Amersfoort Racing driver? I feel really good. I‘m a Dutchman racing for a Dutch team – that rather is a family than a team, for me. In addition, the collaboration between all the drivers and the driver coaches also is great. I’m really happy here and think that it couldn’t have come any better, in my situation.

Could you please describe your expectations regarding the 2014 season? Together with Adrian Sutil whom I got to know via joint friends and who is supporting me on my way up the motor-racing ladder, I’ve set myself a realistic goal for the 2014 season. The result of our considerations was to try to make it to the top eight in the championship. An ambitious goal but one that can be realised, nevertheless.

What circuits on the 2014 calendar are you particularly looking forward to? That’s a difficult question for me. Prior to the season, I knew just the Red Bull Ring and the Hungaroring as I haven’t raced at the other circuits. So, the calendar features a lot of virgin soil for me.

What did you do in the off-season to prepare for the things to come? I broke my foot in late 2013 and therefore, I had to pause for about two months. Consequently, I couldn’t test a lot and the official days of testing at the Hungaroring were the first proper tests for me. Apart from that, I did a lot of sports – sometimes together with Adrian Sutil – to prepare for the season. In addition, I had to work a lot for school as I’m going to take my A-levels, this year.


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