Let’s meet... Félix Serrallés

With his new team, West-Tec F3, Félix Serrallés makes a new effort to shine in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship.

Félix Serrallés (Team West-Tec F3) had to cope with ups and downs, in the 2013 season – and secured two podiums. With his new team, West-Tec F3, he makes a new effort to shine in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship.

Podium: second place Felix Serralles
Podium: second place Felix Serralles

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Why did you opt for contesting a second FIA Formula 3 European Championship season? The main reason is the fact that the 2013 season didn’t run as I had hoped it would. Therefore, I want to demonstrate that I can do better. My debut season in the British Formula 3 (2012) as Formula 3 rookie was successful but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tie in with these successes in my first FIA Formula 3 European Championship season. As I see it, this setback was caused by two reasons: the back injury I suffered in 2012 that kept on hampering me in the following year and the car’s insufficient competitiveness.

What makes the FIA Formula 3 European Championship special, from your point of view? The FIA Formula 3 European Championship features a very good and firm organisation. In addition, the best Formula 3 drivers and teams meet on its grid and the circuits also are great. I think that the 2014 season even will be somewhat better than last year’s.

How does it feel to now be a Team West-Tec F3 driver? Although the team is going to contest its first FIA Formula 3 European Championship season I think I’m in a better position than last year. With Dallara and Mercedes we have got a good package and Mick Kouros is an experienced engineer who knows the tyres and how to deal with us drivers. Therefore, I believe the team to be well prepared for the things to come. And in addition, I’ve got more experience under my belt than last year.

Could you please describe your expectations regarding the coming season? It goes without saying that I’d love to win races. Currently, however, making reasonable predictions is anything but easy. Doing so will be easier after the first tests contested by all he competitors as they will give us a first hint regarding the competition’s competitiveness. Nonetheless, I can say that I want to do better than in 2013.

What circuits on the 2014 calendar are you particularly looking forward to? I always liked Spa-Francorchamps’ circuit and am particularly looking forward to the opportunity to race there, again. And I also look forward to Pau. Altogether, I’m truly thrilled by the 2014 calendar – it’s just great.

What did you do in the off-season to prepare for the things to come? I skipped Macau but didn’t take a break. I started my preparations for the 2014 season right away. I have been in Puerto Rico since October 2013 and use to exercise during the hottest hours of the day. Together with my new coach, Francis J. Torres, I executed a programme that was clearly more demanding than the ones in the previous years and consequently, I’m feeling fitter than ever before.


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