Formula 1 star Hülkenberg returned to his F3 roots at Hockenheim

Nico Hülkenberg won the 2008 FIA F3 European title and spent time watching the young guns currently battling for the 2013 championship this past weekend in Germany.

08.05.2013. Formula 1 ace Nico Hülkenberg attended the FIA Formula 3 European Championship weekend at Hockenheim. The 2008 Formula 3 Euro Series Champion took his time to answer our questions.

What have been the most important things you learned in Formula 3 and you are benefiting from in Formula 1, today? "There were several things. As it isn’t a control series, Formula 3 is one of the few race series with regulations allowing for many freedoms. First of all, Formula 3 helped me to hone my understanding for the aerodynamics area – an ability that is of extreme importance, in Formula 1.

"Another area where you learn particularly much, in Formula 3, is the cooperation with the team – and the engineers in particular. In addition, the performance level of teams and drivers already is very high and the same applies to the professionalism."

Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber F1 Team
Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber F1 Team

Photo by: XPB Images

Could you please describe the nicest moments in your two Formula 3 Euro Series years? "I like to recall my win in the 2007 Masters of Formula 3 as it came as a surprise. And it goes without saying that winning the 2008 Formula 3 Euro Series title also represented a highlight. Altogether, the entire two years were a great time, offering me the chance of sharing a lot of emotions with my team, ART Grand Prix, I raced for in those days."

And what are the moments you rather wouldn’t recall? "Actually, I didn’t encounter many really bad moments, in Formula 3. The race at Le Mans, the one I won the title in, wasn’t so great. I stalled the engine and had to settle for finishing 24th. At the beginning I was so mad that I was not even able to enjoy my title triumph…"

What is your advice for young drivers. What are the series that you just have to race in if you want to make it to the very top? "Each career is different. Therefore, finding an answer for that suits everybody is difficult. But Formula 3 definitely is a category allowing you to learn a lot for your further career."

FIA F3 European Championship

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