Dennis wins again in crash-strewn race two

Jake Dennis made it two wins from two starts at Pau for his second FIA European Formula 3 Championship victory of the day for Prema Powerteam, despite three safety cars and a race stoppage.

Poleman Dennis led away from Maximilian Gunther, Charles Leclerc, Antonio Giovinazzi, Arjun Maini, Alex Albon, Felix Rosenqvist and Markus Pommer.

Gunther came under pressure from Leclerc straight away, but the safety car was soon required due to Matthew Solomon clattering the wall at Pont Oscar.

Dennis made a great restart and made good his escape, but Leclerc couldn’t quite jump Gunther despite getting alongside on the start/finish straight, and was forced to settle down once more in third.

Dennis led by 3.5s when the safety car was scrambled again to recover another stranded car. Leclerc attacked again at the second restart, twice getting alongside this time but again unable to pull off a move.

A third safety car was required when two cars collided at the Lycee hairpin and one needed retrieving. This time, Leclerc did fashion an opening and grabbed second place before Pont Oscar.

Giovinazzi also attacked, and rudely pushed Gunther into the wall at Lycee. Behind him, several cars ran into each other, blocking the track and causing a red flag with 10 laps remaining.

The race was restarted behind the safety car for a sprint to the finish, so Dennis was able to pull clear to his second win of the day ahead of Leclerc, Giovinazzi and Maini. Rosenqvist grabbed fifth from Albon at the final restart.

Pos Driver  Car-Engine   Time   Gap 
Jake Dennis Dallara-Mercedes 49m15.706  
Charles Leclerc Dallara-Volkswagen 49m16.368 0.662
Antonio Giovinazzi Dallara-Volkswagen 49m18.442 2.736
Arjun Maini Dallara-Volkswagen 49m21.174 5.468
Felix Rosenqvist Dallara-Mercedes 49m21.685 5.979
George Russell Dallara-Volkswagen 49m25.417 9.711
Alexander Albon Dallara-Volkswagen 49m26.729 11.023
Markus Pommer Dallara-Volkswagen 49m27.678 11.972
Sam MacLeod Dallara-Volkswagen 49m31.350 15.644
10  Lance Stroll Dallara-Mercedes 49m31.633 15.927
11  Santino Ferrucci Dallara-Mercedes 49m33.053 17.347
12  Mikkel Jensen Dallara-Mercedes 49m33.357 17.651
13  Alessio Lorandi Dallara-Volkswagen 49m34.072 18.366
14  Gustavo Menezes Dallara-Volkswagen 49m34.716 19.010
15  Callum Ilott Dallara-Volkswagen 49m35.048 19.342
16  Martin Cao Dallara-Mercedes 49m35.883 20.177
17  Nabil Jeffri Dallara-Volkswagen 49m36.629 20.923
18  Maximilian Gunther Dallara-Mercedes 49m37.282 21.576
19  Tatiana Calderon Dallara-Volkswagen 49m37.892 22.186
20  Sergio Sette Camara Dallara-Volkswagen 49m38.395 22.689
21  Ryan Tveter Dallara-Volkswagen 49m39.372 23.666
22  Raoul Hyman Dallara-Mercedes 49m40.854 25.148
23  Nicolas Pohler Dallara-Mercedes 49m42.349 26.643
24  Matt Rao Dallara-Mercedes 49m42.730 27.024
25  Gustav Malja Dallara-Mercedes 49m48.664 32.958
26  Dorian Boccolacci Dallara-Volkswagen 50m04.616

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