Review: Forza Motorsport 6 got to take a look at the heavily anticipated release of Forza Motorsport 6, and gives our thoughts on the latest instalment of this motorsports based franchise.

Forza 6 Motorsport gives the user a realistic feeling and detail of the sensations of driving a 200-mile per hour supercar, in a more spectacularly beautiful way than any other console racing game available.

Microsoft delivers a new chapter in its decades old franchise with great attention to detail; it captures what real life manufacturers do when they build cars, from the overall designs to those little lines of a car. With the furthering of technology in automobiles and gaming, the graphics are second to none.

Turn 10 gets it right and takes off a lot of what Forza 5 was. Some load times seem a bit lone because of its hardcore 1080p renderings and 60 frames per second game, but the gameplay is fantastic and gets it right in every turn and straight of their tracks and events.

Also the details in every of its 450 car models is exquisite, from 1930’s all the way down to our time and 25 of the most iconic tracks in the world. 

And that goes without mentioning the real handling features these beautiful machines. 

The driving and racing continues to be one of the best on Xbox One.  From the noises and feeling through the controller under heavy braking, to the squeel of the tires when you don’t quite get it right, the user experience is superb.

The game has two upgrades from Forza 5.

You can manage to race at night or change the weather conditions to sunny or rainy in different tracks. Keep in mind that Forza 6 is not an endurance racing game, it is about high intensity short races, instead of being stuck in a downpour at Sebring for three hours.

It's nice to see that Forza 6 has really nice historic challenges, like the WEC Lemans, even if its a one real hour cycle that turns in 24 hours game race day. Nice details for the pretolheads that really love to challenge almost all kind of races, from F1 challenges to races with cars from early 20th century, its replayability is simply amazing. You can always sit down to a new challenge.

Although Jeremy Clarkson is not in the game, because of that “Punchgate” that led to his sacking from the BBC show, his co presenters Richard Hammond and James May still remain, also for those Stig’s Fans there is nice challenges and competitions against him…or her.

All in all the game is a must have for every racing fan, it allows the players all sort of crazy possibilities to have fun with and enjoy hours of challenges in career mode or online vs. others.

No matter what you play and how you play it, this game is going to be fun for years, until maybe we can get a Forza 7 in a no so distant future with even more crazy and new features.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5   



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