F1 2015: Handling

I recently played the latest Formula 1 racing game on my PS4. Here are my thoughts on latest F1 simulation from Codemasters...

Welcome to Part 3 of our six-part review of the newest Formula 1 game.

These cars are nothing short of handful. If you lack finesse, you won't stay on the circuit for long. Even when you tiptoe around each corner, you will come close to blowing the turn on more than one occasion.

My PS4 controller made sure to let me know every time I locked up the tires, got into the gravel or started to slide ... which happened quite a bit at first. You have to dance with the car and learn its limits, which are ever-changing throughout a run as the tires wear and the weather shifts.

The cars present a unique challenge and you won't want to skip over any practice time you're granted, that's for sure. Most will stumble at first but once you get to the point where you go purple in every sector and nail a lap at Monaco, you feel like Ayrton Senna after his pole-lap back in 1988. 

I soon realized that choosing Manor was a costly mistake at circuits with long straights. I was at a clear disadvantage and it wasn't because anything I was doing. I also couldn't take corners the same way a Ferrari or Mercedes driver can. So yes, team and car choice will be very crucial at the start of the season and adds an interesting challenge (or advantage), depending on who you select.

The cars are annoyingly fun to drive and that's in dry conditions. When the skies open up, you could lose a whole night just focusing on getting that perfect lap in a lone time trial. So we've established that these virtual V6 turbos are a blast. 

Part 4: AI Difficulty 

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