F1 2015: Graphics

I recently played the latest Formula 1 racing game on my PS4. Here are my thoughts on latest F1 simulation from Codemasters...

Welcome to Part 2 of our six-part review of the newest Formula 1 game.

I was without a doubt impressed by the visuals of the game and who doesn't love a higher frame rate? (60 frames per second) The improved graphics give the game a more realistic feel, especially when you race from inside cockpit, which I recommend. 

The cars, tracks and scenery surrounding it all looked fantastic. It was just electric.The driver's faces seemed well defined, as were their helmets. The crew is no exception - I honestly don't have a single negative thing to say about the way this game looks.

Everything just popped. The cars sparkled under the lights in both night races and Singapore, as expected, was a flood of neon and bright colors. As for which circuit tops my list as the best piece of eye candy, I have to go with Monaco.

Part 3: Car Handling

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