F1 2015: Championship/Pro Season mode

I recently played the latest Formula 1 racing game on my PS4. Here are my thoughts on latest F1 simulation from Codemasters...

Welcome to the final part of our six-part review of the newest F1 game.

Unlike previous years where you race as yourself but as part of a real team, you will play as an actual Formula 1 driver in the 2015 version of the game. You can pick any team you want as you prepare for your first season in the championship mode. Once you select a team, you will then be asked to select one of their two drivers and will then go on to play as whoever you pick.

If you're a Rosberg fan, you can go out there and make sure he beats Hamilton this time around. Although the game did not include the classic cars from 2013, it does give you the option of choosing between the 2014 and 2015 seasons which I found pretty cool.

You can customize your race weekend as well. You could have a 15-minute practice or a full 90-minute session. In qualifying, you can have it be one flying lap or the three rounds with Q1, Q2 and Q3. The race length is also adjustable.

After you complete the season, there's no real progression like seen in previous games. It essentially resets itself. Now if you feel so inclined, you could create your own form of progression by putting yourself in a lower-tier car and messing with assets, upping the difficulty and your machine as the seasons go by.

Then there's Pro Season mode. In pro mode, you get all three practice sessions with a full race weekend, including a full-distance race and all three rounds of qualifying. You are locked into the cockpit view and you can't restart or redo anything. If you make a mistake, you have to deal with the consequences. You also don't have nearly as much information available right on the screen to make it more about instinct than data and numbers.

The point of the Pro Season is to make everything as hard as possible for the hardcore players and it does not disappoint.

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