Primus Racing gets hit by Scuderia Praha Matteo Cressoni 24h Dubai 2016


Primus Racing's driver Thomas Martinsson is hit by Scuderia Praha's Matteo Cressoni from an angle no man could foresee, coming from outside the track, loosing his rear and destroying our car and sending Thomas Martinsson with 7 broken bones to the hospital. Two wrecked cars and one injured driver later, we can only say that we hope Matteo learns from this, since he did not learn from previous crashes. To drive on purpose outside the track is strictly forbidden, but it did not stop Cressoni. By analyzing the TV broadcasting, Cressoni was under stress leading, having no 2 in the race closing the gap every lap, which probably made him take such disastrous decisions.

About this video
Video by MrPrimus90
Duration 01:10
Series Endurance
Event 24 Hours of Dubai
Sub-event Saturday race
Track Dubai Autodrome
Drivers Matteo Cressoni, Thomas Martinsson
Teams Scuderia Praha
Tags crash

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