Wolf factory team goes after the Zolder 24 Hours

Zolder 24 to be tackled by four-man team

Wolf Racing Cars will enter a factory car with all the latest spec in the Zolder 24. The drivers will be Wolf factory development driver Ivan Bellarosa, accompanied by Belgians Anthony Kumpen, Bert Longin and Frank Beliën.

Anthony Kumpen (in photo): " I know what it takes to win this race, I won it 6 times and with this Wolf we have what we need to win. Now we have to start analyzing the details, the most important thing. Last year for example I expressed my concerns on some small developments we had to test during the race. I the end the parts I expressed my concerns about were the ones that cost us victory. Now with the Wolf engineers, we will make all final decisions together. So one reason we chose Wolf is because I really believe it's the car we need to win, but on the other side we want to write history. We want to be the first ones to win Zolder 24 hours in an open car. In Zolder the easy decision is to come with a Porsche, because the race is really made for that car, but we never follow the easy way. I even dare to say, with the factory support and the line-up and extra support we have, we are the favorites to win the race. We don't aim for a podium and we don't smile after the race unless it's in P1."

Bert Longin: " At the beginning of the season Anthony convinced me to step into Nascar and now I so happy we did that, it's a fantastic type of racing that will grow big in Europe soon. A few month later he comes with this project. Although it's not the common thing to do if you look into it in detail it's like Anthony sais, we are the favorites and we have to win in this combination. To give even more strength to the project we add some technical and engineering support from PK Carsport to the factory team. In this way we ad important experience on a strategic level. In the past 3 years the race was a bit down on number of cars. Now it seems like we will have about 50 cars. This makes the race a lot more difficult again and makes it even more important to win."

Ivan Bellarosa: "I am honored to compete in this race with Anthony and Bert , my task will be to enable them to quickly understand our GB08 , we are driven by the same determination to win the race. Also Frank already won this race, so we cannot hide for the competition."

Frank Belien: "In 2010 I won the Zolder 24 hours with Bert and Anthony. This year we are team mates in the Belgian GT championship. Bert and Anthony proposed me to run with them in this new project they set up for the Zolder 24 Hours. As we have been successful together in the past and with the great potential the Wolf showed so far it was an easy decision for me to participate in this project. Our ambition is high and I look forward to this race on my home track."

Giovanni Bellarosa: "We are very happy that Anthony Kumpen & Bert Longin we chose the Wolf GB08 has to point to win the Zolder 24 , this prestigious race that they have already won the 6 and 5 times , they have had good reason to focus on the Wolf ... Accompanied by Frank Beliën and Ivan Bellarosa we have a very strong line-up."

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