Spa 24: Oliver Gavin six hour notes

At the quarter mark of the 24 Hours of Spa, the ...

At the quarter mark of the 24 Hours of Spa, the #3 Luc Alphand Aventures Corvette C6R of Olivier Beretta, Greg Franchi, Oliver Gavin and Vincent Vosse is currently lying in 4th position after six hours of hectic and hard racing.

Oliver Gavin made a superb start to the race, passing Karl Wendlinger's Aston Martin into the infamous Eau Rouge corner to take second place behind the pole-sitting Carsport Holland Corvette C6. On lap two Olly took the lead from Marcel Fassler and held onto it for three laps before being caught behind a backmarker, a situation which Fassler profited from. Oliver never dropped lower than 2nd in the first hour, and the car has never been lower than 5th in the classification so far.

At the end of his first stint, Oliver gave his initial thoughts on the start of the race. "The circuit has gone green after this morning's heavy rain. I think the teams with a stiffer set-up are struggling -- which includes us. We went for a set-up on Thursday, and didn't really change it. We're quite stiff, and we're using the tyres quicker than we'd like. We're waiting for the track to come to us. The Carsport Holland/Phoenix Racing car seems to have really nailed the set-up.

"The traffic is crazy at times. The yellow flags mean that you lose so much time stuck behind slower cars, waiting until you get to a bit of bit of track with green flags. A bit frustrating!"

All four drivers have now taken their turn behind the wheel, with Gavin, Beretta and Vosse completing single stints. Under the first of two safety car periods in this first quarter of the race, 25-year-old Belgian Greg Franchi took the wheel. His first stint was eventful, as he explained.

"After I'd done about five laps, I came across another car on my line at the double left [Pouhon] bend and I went off the track onto the grass. The water temperature started to go up so I came into the pits to clean the radiators and take on some water which lost us a bit of time. Then, in the last part of my stint, there were two or three corners where it was raining, and then not raining which made it a bit difficult."

The next bulletin will be at the half way mark in the FIA GT Championship's longest race of the season, round six at Spa-Francorchamps.


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