Kubica says Mugello 12 Hours is "just for fun"

Robert Kubica caught up with Roberto Chinchero about his upcoming appearance in next weekend's Mugello 12 Hours, which will mark his first circuit race since the end of his Formula 1 career.

The idea for Kubica's presence in the Italian endurance event comes from his friend and fellow WRC driver Martin Prokop, whose team is entering a Mercedes SLS GT3.

Kubica told Motorsport.com: "Martin has a very good rally team, and recently bought a Mercedes SLS GT3. He wants to get some experience on the track, and made me an offer: 'Why not come and help us?'

"I've been stuck doing nothing since my last rally in Monte Carlo, so I decided to accept. But the main target is just to have fun."

Prokop will have a good opportunity to have a coach like Kubica, but it will be not a simple weekend. "For the whole team, this will be the first experience on track," added the Pole.

"The first priority will be to explain as much as possible to Martin, the lines, the braking points and so on. He comes from rallying, so it will all be new to him.

"We also thought about putting a second seat in the car to do a few laps together, so it will be easier to explain the first steps. The Mercedes has a real single-seater seat, and it will not be easy to combine our seat-sizes because in the last few months I've been busy..."

What does he mean? Explains Kubica: "In recent months, I've lost 10 kilos. I started a strong training programme and now I feel very good.

"I must say that I tried on my 2010 F1 race suit to see if I am as fit as I was six years ago! It was a test I tried a few years ago, but with very different results."

A lot of time to test the arm

When the Pole returns to the circuit, one of the unknowns will be the amount of time spent in the car: "On Friday there will be a four-hour race, then an eight-hour race the next day. We are only two drivers, so we expect a lot of time to spend in the car."

"I've never driven a GT3 so I do not really know what to expect. But we certainly have no pressure. Of course, I will try to understand also what are the limits of my arm on track, and it will not be easy because the car is not configured for my needs.

"The controls, for example, are all right, but we'll see. We have enough time to try it out."

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