Dubai 24H: rhino's Leipert event summary

A strong debut for Team rhino's Leipert and their Lamborghini at the Dubai 24 h race Between 13th and 15th January, 2011, Team rhino's Leipert had their debut in their Lamborghini, and the fast GT3 gave a convincing performance. The race started on Friday, 14th January, 2011, 14 a.m. local time, and 88 racing cars of all classes were at the start.

The Lamborghini with starting No.24 was driven by Austrian drivers Dominik Baumann and Gerhard Tweraser as well as Czech drivers Jan Stovicek, Petr Charouz, and Jakub Knoll.

Unfortunately, the first official kilometers did not look too promising. At the beginning of qualifying, there was a collision with a direct competitor of the A6 class. Since the rear suspension of the Lamborghini Gallardo was badly damaged, the team did all it could to get the vehicle back onto the track during qualifying. Shortly before the end of qualifying, the car was sent back into the race for 2 laps. In this short period of time, the team managed to secure 19th position. 2 hours into the race, the Lamborghini was already amongst the top 10. All went well, until after approx.2.5 hours, a competitor damaged the exhaust system in a rear-end collision. It took the team approx.3 hours to repair the damage and to exchange a faulty gearbox.

The car finally re-entered the race in the early evening, but only from 85th position due to its prior 3-h idle time. It gave an extraordinary performance and raced to 44th position of the overall ranking without further ado for the young Lamborghini drivers were racing lap times which were constantly among the top 5.

Team Manager Ingo Leipert said after the event: "Although a 44th position in the overall ranking does not give reason to cheer, we are highly satisfied with this debut of the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. The performance of our 5 young drivers on this at first unknown vehicle was excellent. Apart from the problems shortly after the start of the race, the Lamborghini was running like clockwork, so we are in good spirits and hopeful for a very successful year 2011."

Upon return from Dubai in February 2011, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is going to be immediately upgraded to its 2011 version, the LP600.

-source: leipert-autosport

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