24H Nurburgring: Hour seven update

News and quotes 21.00 to 23.00hrs The action remained thrilling, in the evening hours of the 37th ADAC Zurich 24h Race: at beginning nightfall, the Manthey-Porsche ...

News and quotes 21.00 to 23.00hrs

The action remained thrilling, in the evening hours of the 37th ADAC Zurich 24h Race: at beginning nightfall, the Manthey-Porsche # 1 closed in on the leading Phoenix Audi. When coming to the pits, last year's winners were just 12 seconds behind and even could take the lead thanks to an extra fast pit stop. At 21:30hrs, the Manthey-Porsches # 1 and # 2 were the race leaders. Then, however, the Audi struck back, battled his way up to second -- and regained the lead when the Manthey Porsche had to pit again. But the team from Bonn had calculated really well and when the Phoenix Audi pitted came in for its next stop, at 22:40hrs, the Porsche #1 was back in the lead. It was the sixth change of leadership in the race.

# 1 (Bernhard / Lieb / Dumas / Tiemann) Porsche 911 GT3-RSR
22.20hrs: Marc Lieb: "We refuel for just eight laps, now. When we stay out for nine laps we lose too much time. This way we play it safe but pit a lap earlier than the Audis. And that could be crucial, at the end of the day. Therefore, we have to push really hard now to open the biggest possible gap over them."

# 12 (Renger / Rehfeld / Kissling / Strycek) Chevrolet Corvette C6
21:10hrs: Volker Strycek comes in for an unscheduled pit stop. "Volker was hit at the left front by another car. It hit the wheel of our Corvette and the result was a broken rim. But only on the next lap he will find out if the wheel track adjustments are still okay," said Team Principal Helmut Kissling.

# 18 (Alzen / Bert / Arnold / Mies) Porsche 997 GT3 Cup
21:05hrs: Mies gets out of the car and Alzen continues.
Mies: "The turn was really nice. You can be rather relaxed as the field is a little smaller than last year."

# 40 (Tilke / Adorf / Hennerici / Mutsch) Ford GT
21:30hrs: Dirk Adorf is replaced by Thomas Mutsch
Dirk Adorf: "Our car is just sensational. To date, we didn't encounter any technical problems whatsoever. Therefore I think really highly of our Ford GT. No matter what will happen: We never had dreamed of achieving what we have achieved in this race, so far."

# 77 (Hurtgen / Farfus / Sorlie / Muller) BMW Z4-M Coupe
22.30hrs: The BMW Z4-M Coupe strands at the Hohe Acht due to a blown engine.

# 98 (Stuck / Biela / Pirro / Fassler) Audi R8 LMS
21:35hrs: Pirro: "I was happy that I could drive at nightfall. Because of my limited track knowledge, it certainly would have been even more difficult for me to drive in the full dark."

# 99 (Basseng / Fassler / Rockenfeller / Stippler) Audi R8 LMS
21:30hrs: Frank Stippler: "Altogether, things are running rather smoothly. Now the night is coming and that's something you have to accustom to.
22:00hrs: Mark Basseng: "Manthey racing refuelled their car with just 80 litres -- 40 less than what we fill in our car when pitting. That's why they could pass us due to their short pit stop. We don't understand why they do this -- perhaps they just want to pressurise us."
22:40hrs: Mike Rockenfeller: "It begins to rain but currently, the conditions still are okay. In the Schwedenkreuz, somebody went off right in front of me. Suddenly there was only dust. I had to brake hard and bring the car to a halt -- and was rather afraid that somebody would crash into the rear of my car."

# 120 (Beckmann / Strycek / Hass / Schall) Opel Manta
20:45hrs: Due to electronics problems, Volker Strycek's Opel Manta stands in the garage. "We are still working on finding the reason for the problems," says Team Principal Helmut Kissling.

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