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The test organized by the German based team KSM has become a great success for the two young Italian pilots that have participated at this test held on the "Lausitzring" Francesco Sini from Pescara (Italy), driver of the Radical SR8 of Radical...

The test organized by the German based team KSM has become a great success for the two young Italian pilots that have participated at this test held on the "Lausitzring" Francesco Sini from Pescara (Italy), driver of the Radical SR8 of Radical Italy in the Radical European Masters has amazed even at his first experience with a LMP-2 racing car. In the morning session it was up to the team's principal pilots Hideki Noda and Jean de Pourtales to test the Kruse Schiller Motorsport Lola Mazda car in wet conditions. In the afternoon it was up to the 2 young Italian drivers Francesco Sini and Marco Didaio to try out the car in dry conditions. It was very impressive to see how both Italian Sportscar talents got acquainted with the car in very little time and that both of them were capable of doing lap times slightly below the times of the teams principal pilots.

A radiant Sini; author of the best time in stint with used tires, he described his feelings after what we hope will be a very important day for his career: "I still can't believe in everything that has happened ... it was a fantastic day that begun I can't deny with a bit of agitation for the fear of making mistakes with a truly astonishing car. What struck me most were the carbon brakes which allow unbelievable braking power and they ensure that you have stability in the deceleration. In addition the aerodynamics package is very sophisticated and the effect is felt immediately. Despite everything I found myself very comfortable with this car and having achieved such performance among these strong pilots makes me really happy! For me this test was very important and I feel I have to thank many people who contributed to my growth as a pilot in particular a special thanks goes to my current team with whom I worked and I'm working really well, and another great thanks to all at Arm competitions ... They have provided the foundation that now allows me to approach all with professionalism. Special thanks also goes to Frank van Nunen who has made this test possible. "

The opinion of Marco Didaio: "I am very happy that I had the possibility to do this test with team KSM and their car. After having driven the Lucchini in the first two races of the Le Mans Series I had serious doubts if the choice to do LMS was the right one for me, mainly because I was driving the Lucchini with some level of fear caused by the poor stability of the car. My manager Frank van Nunen has ever since pushed for me to do a test with another LMP car so we could understand better whether it was me or the car that caused this. After a period of about 3 months of not driving any racecar at all he offered me the possibility to do a test with the Lola Mazda of team KSM and I decided to grab this opportunity. Today I am really happy that I have done so, the car was absolutely fantastic, stabile with powerful aerodynamics. The more you push the car into the turns the better it goes, and the carbon brakes. they are amazing the car s always stable and easy to handle under braking, a real joy to drive such a fine race car. I admit that I was low on moral after my disappointing first experience in LMP-2 but this test has lifted my spirits and I am confident that together with my manager I will find the right way to get back into LMP-2 not excluding 1 or 2 races in the end of this season in ALMS. See if we can reach an agreement with team KSM who has intentions to race at Petit Le Mans and Laguna Seca, let's hope for the best !! Special thanks also go to Hideki Noda whom I have met trough our mutual manager and who always has been a guide for me and especially during this test in his racing car."

Hardy Schiller: All of us at KSM were very satisfied with the test last Monday on the Lausitzring. Our own pilots Jean and Hideki have ran the complete test program our engineer had setup for the upcoming race at the Nurburgring and have done a great job, especially when considering the bad weather conditions they ran in. The 2 Italian youngsters Marco Didaio and Francesco Sini that participated in the afternoon session showed a great performance and I am convinced that both these pilots have more potential to show. It pleases me that both drivers were so enthusiastic about our team, can and engine. I am convinced that we will hear more from these Italian talents in the future.

-credit: ksm

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