Jan Charouz and Stefan Mucke ranked by Brit magazine

Jan Charouz and Mucke evaluated by British Autosport A sweet dot arrived at the end of the year from Great Britain to team Skoda Charouz Racing System - Lola/Judd. The experts of respected magazine Autosport placed stall pilots Jan Charouz and...

Jan Charouz and Mucke evaluated by British Autosport

A sweet dot arrived at the end of the year from Great Britain to team Skoda Charouz Racing System - Lola/Judd. The experts of respected magazine Autosport placed stall pilots Jan Charouz and Stefan Mucke to top ten racers in Le Mans Series 2007. They both got to reputable top ten as newcomers of championship which gives the price another dimension. Twenty six years old German Mucke is the sixth, twenty-year Czech studying in London is the ninth.

There were more than hundered riders in every race this year. "Well, it's beautiful news," it was the reaction of the riders. Jan from the London studies, Stefan from Berlin seat of the family company.

According to Autosport merited Mucke his 6th place because of the racket start of his carrier in sports cars competitions: the beginning of the year decorated German rider with the victory in Zhuhai which was the part of FIA GT championship. And he followed with the pole position during the cars with petrol engines in the first race of Le Mans Series in Monza. Than came his famous achievement in Valencia -- there he was on the second place in the end. Autosport magazine evaluated as well the effort of ex DTM rider during the whole year and also highlighted the way how he struggled in Nurburgring after start from the last line through the starting field.

Jan Charouz is the youngest and the least experienced pilot in Autosport's elite ten. He achieved in a competition with much more experienced pilots, that's why his place is so valued. Renowned journalist Gary Watkins gave these reasons for Jan's nomination: "Mucke should have been number one in Charouz's team, but son of the manager didn't fall behind him in speed very much. What more -- the rider who had been only nineteen at the beginning of the year, showed unbelievably stable achievement and during his stints he was regulary speeder than his team-mate." Watkins specified that crucial moment of Jan Charouz's year was practising in Belgian Spa where was Jan faster than his team-mate.

Words of praise sent British redactors in looking back about Le Mans Series also to the whole team Skoda Charouz Racing System - Lola/Judd. "During all the year the Czech-British team showed its speed, in four of five races where it participated, gained the team pilots in qualification the third position on start behind a couple of Peugeot team with diesel engines," said British experts in their evaluation.

It's not for the first time when the riders of BPA sport marketing and CHRS achieved in Autosport's lists. Last year Jarek Janis was proclaimed as the best pilot of FIA Grand Turismo championship and Tomas Enge got lastly in 2004 between the best 50 racers in the world in all the cathegories, he was 48.

Top 10 riders of Le Mans Series 2007 according to Autosport:
1. Nicolas Minassian (France; Team Peugeot Total)
2. Stephane Sarrazin (France; Team Peugeot Total)
3. Pedro Lamy (Portugal; Team Peugeot Total)
4. Emmanuel Collard (France; Pescarolo Sport)
5. Marc Gene (Spain; Team Peugeot Total)
6. Stefan Mucke (Germany; Skoda Charouz Racing System - Lola/Judd)
7. Jean-Christophe Boullion (France; Pescarolo Sport)
8. Jean-Marc Gounon (France; Courage Competition)
9. Jan Charouz (Czech Republic; Skoda Charouz Racing System - Lola/Judd)
10. Hayanari Shimoda (Japan; Arena Motorsport)

Stefan Mucke: "It's amazing! I'm very happy that I obtained a price from such a reputable medium as Autosport. It's a confirmation of the fact that our year was really precious. I felt great in team Skoda Charouz Racing System - Lola/Judd and I thank to everybody for a perfect work."

Jan Charouz: "It's a splendid news, I didn't expect it, really. I thought of it sometimes during the year, but I always said that nobody would take notice of me. And now this. I'm very glad. Aplause for Autosport experts - they show they can define, differentiate me and Stefan and more evaluate the stall. The news is for me a big motivation to next year 2008."

Antonin Charouz: "This is called the real joy. We all know what Autosport magazine means in the world of motosport so its evaluation is big award for everyone. It makes me really happy after such a hard year-long work. It's a little strange situation about Jan -- he is my son. Many people can look at him as he has some benefits. I hope his effort this year and the evaluation of Autosport says the opposite. Once more I thank to all people of our team for a excellent work."

-credit: jan-charouz.com

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