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Chronological DTM photos :

Live entertainment by 'Naturaly Seven' Jean Alesi and Norbert Haug
Bike racer Katja Pönsgen and Bernd Schneider Thomas Stein and Dieter Gorny
Overall view of the gala inside Hamburg City Hall
Heinz-Harald Frentzen with wife Tanja
Christian Abt and Christina Surer
Laurent Aiello with the charming Playboy bunnies
Singer Jasmin Wagner
Jan Hofer with his wife J.B. Kerner and Reinhold Beckmann
Jan Fedder with wife Marion Rudolph Schenker from the rock band Scorpions
Singer Isabelle Soares
Media personality Colin Fernandez
Ski racer Maria Riesch
Olivia Jones with Miss Hamburg Hiltja Müller