Zandvoort Preview - Interview with Renger van der Zande

Circuit Park Zantvoort

DTM driver Renger van der Zande will take part in his home race at Zandvoort this weekend, with the Dutchman hoping to draw from the support of his home fans during his second event in the category for the Persson Motorsport squad.

Renger van der Zande, Persson Motorsport, Mercedes C-Klasse
Renger van der Zande, Persson Motorsport, Mercedes C-Klasse

Photo by: Satoshi Noma

How is life as a DTM driver?

"It's great fun and very busy, but that is the right way for it to be. Before, I had many things to do, so I sometimes could not fully concentrate on racing but that is different now. Mercedes is great in this respect, I only need to think about driving and I am not kept busy with other issues."

What is the interest in Renger van der Zande at the moment?

"Very big. It's really unbelievable. Zandvoort is certainly the main place. And it's great fun, because the reactions are all very positive. Everyone wishes you the best. I can not wait until I can show you what is possible."

Coming from a background of single-seaters to touring cars, how big is the step?

"It's different, but the driving style is quite similar. There is a lot of grip if you get onto the power, and so my Formula 3 background was a good learning experience. There are some new things you need to master, such as the weight of the car. It is much heavier than a Formula 3 car, so you have to do very well to cope with the tyres. And another thing that was crazy when I first got in, you can’t see your wheels!"

I have a very good engineer who knows what it takes to be quick

Renger van der Zande

How is it working with the Persson Motorsport Team?

"It is like we have never done anything else. I have a very good engineer who knows what it takes to be quick, and Mercedes is of course a strong car, so it shows in everything. The team is very professional, nothing is left to chance... It means that I have full confidence when I get in the car."

What is your goal for this weekend?

"Once again there is a lot to learn and if possible create a little worry for the others. That's basically my goal for the year. If we manage that, I will be a happy man."

Source: Renger van der Zande website

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