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The Alemannenring at Singen is a temporary street circuit. 2.8 km along walls and barriers with some very narrow corners. Overtaking is very difficult. Weather: rain/cold Spectators: 42000 Top 15 qualifying: Pos Driver ...

The Alemannenring at Singen is a temporary street circuit. 2.8 km along walls and barriers with some very narrow corners. Overtaking is very difficult.

Weather: rain/cold Spectators: 42000

Top 15 qualifying:

Pos     Driver          Nat             Team/Car                        Time
 1 Stefano Modena        I        Alfa Corse/Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI              1:15.06
 2 Nicola Larini        I        Alfa Corse/Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI              1:15.08
 3 Bernd Schneider        D        AMG/Mercedes Benz C180 V6              1:15.14
 4 Joerg van Ommen        D        Zakspeed/Mercedes Benz C180 V6              1:15:28
 5 Roland Asch                D        AMG/Mercedes Benz C180 V6              1:15:48
 6 Alessandro Nannini        I        Alfa Corse/Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI              1:15.73
 7 Klaus Ludwig                D        AMG/Mercedes Benz C180 V6              1:15.75
 8 Kris Nissen                DK        Schuebel-Enineering/Alfa 155 V6 TI    1:15.88
 9 Giorgio Francia        I        Schuebel-Enineering/Alfa 155 V6 TI    1:16.05
10 Keke Rosberg                FIN        Opel Joest/Opel Calibra V6              1:16.05
11 Manuel Reuter        D       Opel Joest/Opel Calibra V6            1:16.22
12 Christian Danner        D        Schuebel-Enineering/Alfa 155 V6 TI    1:16.54
13 Alexander Grau        D        DTM Junior Team/Mercedes 190E '93     1:19.62
14 "John Winter"        D        Opel Joest/Opel Calibra V6              1:19.97
15 Kurt Thiim                DK        Zakspeed/Mercedes Benz C180 V6                *

* Crashed into the barriers

Race 1

2 warm up laps Start confusion, no green light, one more warm up lap. Race reduced from 35 to 34 laps. No problems with the 2nd start. Nannini out of 3rd row into 3rd position behind Larini and Modena. lap 3: Nannini trying to pass Modena and hits a tyre wall. He keeps 3rd, but lost his rear wing. His front hood is loose and threatening to fly off. 5: Asch and Schneider passing v.Ommen. 6: Francia kicking Ludwig into a spin. Ludwig dropping back to 11. Asch and Schneider passing Nannini. 7: Nannini pits. Schneider takes 3rd from Asch. 8: Larini 4.2 sec.-->Modena, Schneider, Asch, Nissen, Danner Francia, van Ommen, Reuter, Rosberg, Lohr, Ludwig 10: Nannini's 2nd pitstop, out 14: Larini, 2.Modena, 3.Schneider, 4.Nissen, 5.Asch, 6.Francia 7.Danner, 8.van Ommen, 9.Reuter, 10.Lohr, 11.Rosberg, 12.Ludwig, 13.Bartels, 14.Alzen, 15.Winter 17: After Asch is passed by Francia and Danner we now have 5 Alfas in the top 6. 20: Larini 11 sec.-->Modena, Nissen, Francia, Schneider, Danner, Reuter, Rosberg, v.Ommen, Lohr, Ludwig 23: Ludwig spins into a tyre wall, out. 27: Schneider hit by Giudici while overlapping and spins. 29: Larini 23sec.-->Modena 31: Larini FL


Pos     Driver           Time
 1 Nicola Larini         48:36.87
 2 Stefano Modena         48:58.98
 3 Kris Nissen                 49:01.65
 4 Giorgio Francia         49:04.52
 5 Christian Danner         49:10.43
 6 Manuel Reuter         49:31.07
 7 Joerg van Ommen         49:48.17
 8 Roland Asch                 49:48.80
 9 Bernd Schneider         50:01.56
10 Keke Rosberg                 51:00.56

Race 2 (35 laps)

Start delayed: One of the safety officials crashed with his Porsche on a controll lap into the barriers. His female co-driver was hurt and taken to hospital. It was supposed, she wasn't seat belted....

Nannini starting from last row with Francia's car, Thiim out of pit lane. lap 2: Larini, 2.Danner, 3.Nissen, 4.Modena, 5.Reuter, 6.Rosberg, 7.Schneider, 8.Asch, 9.v.Ommen, 10.Winter 5: Rosberg out (gearbox) 7: Larini 10sec.-->Danner, Nissen, Modena, Reuter, Schneider, Asch, Nannini, Ludwig 9: Nannini takes 7th from Asch 10: and 6th from Schneider 13: Larini 7.5-->Danner, Nissen, Modena, Reuter, Nannini, Schneider, Asch, Ludwig, van Ommen 16: van Ommen pits, out (rear axle) 18: Nannini attacking hard Reuter lap for lap. 22: Nannini squeezing his Alfa past Reuter on the inside, touching the Calibra aside. Reuter hits the barrier, but keeps control. Rain has stopped meanwhile, but it's still to wet for slicks. 24: Modena now 2nd, Danner 3rd. Nissen trying to catch Danner on the inside, gets a kick, spins and is lucky to keep 4th pos. 27: Larini 16sec-->Modena, Danner, Nissen, Nannini, Reuter, Asch, Schneider, Ludwig 28: Schneider and Asch let Ludwig pass by, who is now 7th. 30: Reuter attacking Nannini now. 31: Danner slow, stalls. 32: A lot of traffic in the slowest corner of the track. Asch too late on the brakes, sliding past Ludwig and Reuter and kicks Nannini out of the way. Nannini pits. 34/35: Nannini back on the track, behind Asch. Asch giving a sign to Nannini, pointing to the right. Nannini with full power kicking Asch's Mercedes in the back. Asch limping to the finish line with both rear tyres smoking. Nannini's engine catching fire, but is distinguished by the marshalls quickly.

Race 2 results

Pos     Driver           Time
 1 Nicola Larini        48:48.23
 2 Stefano Modena        49:05.90
 3 Kris Nissen                 *            * Kris Nissen was DQd later
 4 Manuel Reuter        49:48.96        (sorry, no info why)
 5 Klaus Ludwig                50:23.75
 6 Bernd Schneider        50:27.97
 7 "John Winter"        50:41.88
 8 Roland Asch                50:53.70
 9 Uwe Alzen                51:00.29
10 Ellen Lohr                51:09.07

Asch was fined after the race with 10000 DM for his foul on Nannini. Nannini was fined with 6000 DM for his revenge to Asch.


Pos     Driver                  Pts
 1 Klaus Ludwig (Champion)        197
 2 Joerg van Ommen                152
 3 Nicola Larini                150
 4 Alessandro Nannini                143
 5 Kurt Thiim                        121
 6 Roland Asch                         118
 7 Kris Nissen                        111
 8 Christian Danner                 81                ------------------
 9 Manuel Reuter                 74                Last event '94:
10 Giorgio Francia                 70                Oct./9. Hockenheim
   Stefano Modena                 70                ------------------

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