Paffett wins at Shanghai

Gary Paffett scores start-finish victory at Shanghai invitation race Gary Paffett was the beaming winner of the DTM's exhibition race in China. The Briton pulled off a magnificent start-finish triumph in his AMG-Mercedes C-Class on the 2.84 ...

Gary Paffett scores start-finish victory at Shanghai invitation race

Gary Paffett was the beaming winner of the DTM's exhibition race in China. The Briton pulled off a magnificent start-finish triumph in his AMG-Mercedes C-Class on the 2.84 kilometre-long street circuit in Shanghai for an advantage of 0.887 seconds over his team mate Bernd Schneider. Mattias Ekstr?m came third in an Audi A4 DTM with a masterful display of his driving skill.

Gary Paffett.
Photo by ITR e.V..

Gary Paffett dominated action at the front of the pack from the onset of the race. Although Schneider was able to make up lost ground, he never really seriously challenged his young team mate. The three Audi drivers Tom Kristensen, Emanuele Pirro and Martin Tomczyk -- the best-placed Audi drivers in qualifying -- were eliminated in the melee at the start after bumping into rivals. Mattias Ekstr?m battled his way forward over the 22 laps past Jean Alesi and Rinaldo Capello into third place.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen, whose contract extension with Opel for the 2005 season was announced today, held onto sixth place for a long time before ultimately settling for seventh. The driver from M?nchengladbach thrilled the Chinese fans by averting crashing into the safety barrier thanks to a masterful manoeuvre.

A manhole cover came unstuck in the start phase of the first of the originally planned two races of 30 minutes each. Bernd Mayl?nder in an AMG-Mercedes CLK was unable to steer clear of a collision and rammed into the obstacle. As a result, the race was interrupted and the manhole covers were welded firm for safety reasons. The first race was therefore cancelled due to time constraints.

Gary Paffett (Winner, Mercedes-Benz):

"It was an incredibly tough race. I had a pretty comfortable advantage after the accident behind me in the first bend. I didn't accelerate too much as the temperature of my engine was very high. Later, when Bernd got closer, I had to give my all in order to stay in front."

Bernd Schneider (Second, Mercedes-Benz):

"I would never have expected a second place after such a qualifying. I had a great start today and a fantastic race. I was lucky that I didn't touch the wall once this whole weekend, which means we can now prepare for the race on the N?rburgring without any hindrance."

Mattias Ekstr?m (Third, Audi):

"The race here in Shanghai was great fun. I started out in ninth position and already made it into fifth after the first lap following those accidents in front of me. I then overtook Capello and Alesi and drove home into third place. It's a great result to have started in ninth position and to end up on the podium, especially here in Shanghai."

Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Seventh, Opel):

"It was a brilliant event in an impressive city. I could actually have driven even faster, but I had sadly picked up too much dirt, which blocked the radiator. I'm pretty satisfied with the result."

Norbert Haug (Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Director):

"It was really worth it in the end. We're immensely pleased with this double win at the Chinese premiere. Our teams and drivers worked brilliantly under the most difficult of conditions."

Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Audi Motorsport Director):

"Shanghai created a fantastic stage for the DTM in no time, but the race was of course not to our taste. We lost our three fastest cars in the first lap, which had started very well and were in good positions. So we couldn't really do anything in the end. Mattias once again made the most of the situation and battled his way forward into third place."

Volker Strycek (Opel Motorsport Director):

"First of all, compliments to the organisers. A lot of effort went into staging an impressive event within the shortest of times. I'm satisfied with Heinz-Harald Frentzen's performance. Unfortunately, Timo Scheider and Marcel F?ssler were caught up in accidents. Jeroen Bleekemolen drove a flawless race in a 2002 Astra."


1. Gary Paffett - C-Klasse AMG Mercedes - 27:23.509
2. Bernd Schneider - Vodafone/DC Bank AMG Mercedes - +0.887
3. Mattias Ekstr?m - Audi Sport Team Abt - +13.228
4. Jean Alesi - C-Klasse AMG Mercedes - +15.583
5. Rinaldo Capello - Audi Sport Team Infineon Joest - +32.756
6. Christijan Albers - Vodafone/DC Bank AMG Mercedes - +33.218
7. Heinz-Harald Frentzen - OPC Team Holzer - +33.934
8. Jarek Janis - Sonax Dark Dog/CLK AMG Mercedes - +35.882
9. Markus Winkelhock - Original-Teile/CLK AMG Mercedes - +41.173
10. Stefan M?cke - Original-Teile/CLK AMG Mercedes - +1:04.036
11. Peter Terting - Audi Sport Team Abt - +1:07.046
12. Jeroen Bleekemolen - OPC Euroteam - +1 lap
13. Frank Beila - Audi Sport Team Infineon Joest - +1 lap
14. Marcel F?ssler - OPC Team Phoenix - +5 laps
-- Timo Scheider - OPC Team Holzer
-- Christian Abt - Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline
-- Emanuele Pirro - Audi Sport Team Infineon Joest
-- Martin Tomczyk - Audi Sport Team Abt
-- Tom Kristensen - Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline


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