Paffett "very upset" with Glock after Norisring duel

David Gruz
By: David Gruz
Co-author: Julia Spacek
Jun 25, 2018, 2:23 PM

Gary Paffett was "very upset" with his DTM title rival Timo Glock following Sunday's Norisring race, as he had to slow several times to avoid hitting the German.

Gary Paffett, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA
Timo Glock, BMW Team RMG, BMW M4 DTM
Top 3 after qualifying: Pole position for Daniel Juncadella, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA, Gary Paffett, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA, Lucas Auer, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA
Gary Paffett, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA, Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM
Gary Paffett, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA, Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM
Timo Glock, BMW Team RMG, BMW M4 DTM
Timo Glock, BMW Team RMG, BMW M4 DTM
Gary Paffett, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA, Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM
Timo Glock, BMW Team RMG, BMW M4 DTM
Start action, Lucas Auer, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA, Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM, Daniel Juncadella, Mercedes-AMG Team HWA, Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM

Despite starting the race on the front row and seven positions ahead of Glock, Paffett found himself behind the German driver after his pitstop.

He tried to overtake Glock for several laps before eventually making a mistake at the Scholler chicane, which led to further two BMW drivers, Philipp Eng and Joel Eriksson, passing him.

Paffett ended up finishing the race behind them in 13th while Glock took 10th.

Paffett was unhappy with how Glock was defending his position, saying he "saved" the German from causing a collision with him.

"Whenever I tried to overtake him, he would try to push me into the wall," said Paffett.

"If I had stayed on the accelerator, we both would have ended up in the wall. That's not the way anyone wants to finish a race.

"He would have been to blame, in that sense, I saved him ten times from the wall. I'm just very upset about what he did today.

"I tried the outside, then the inside - and every time he drove over and touched me. I had to go off the gas about ten times, because otherwise I would have hit the wall. It was a terrible race."

It is the third time the pair clashed during the 2018 season as they had a thrilling duel at Hockenheim for victory and Glock hit Paffett at the Hungaroring when the latter was going slowly on wet tyres.

"I was so excited about the great race at Hockenheim and the duel with him there," added Paffett.

"I don't think he can be proud of today. I don't want to complain too much, because I want people to make up their own minds.

"From my point of view, it's pretty clear what he's done. If he thinks that's acceptable, I think he's a different racer."

The duo also made contact at the Norisring as Paffett touched the back of Glock's BMW, which the Mercedes driver admitted being his own fault.

"I didn't mean to," he recalled of the incident. "It was a mistake. My wheels locked while I was braking and I slipped into it. That's it, a racing accident."

Glock said that it is natural Paffett was "frustrated" after failing to score points from second on the grid.

"Of course he's frustrated. I saw that when he was driving next to my car on the last lap," said Glock.

"It's perfectly normal that when you know you could have scored big points, you're frustrated. But I also drive my race."

"I'm very open and I like to sit down with him. I also like to admit my mistakes when I've made them. But in the present situation, I can't say. I have to look at it again first."

However, when Paffett was asked if he would sit down with Glock, he said: "No, I have no interest in that. My position is clear. The way he drove today, I don't care what he has to say."

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