Oschersleben: Mercedes qualifying report

Jamie Second, Bruno Third, Mika Fourth, Bernd Sixth Four AMG-Mercedes C-Class cars among top-six Tom Kristensen first, 0.009sec ahead of Jamie Green After two consecutive pole positions Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class) will start ...

Jamie Second, Bruno Third, Mika Fourth, Bernd Sixth
Four AMG-Mercedes C-Class cars among top-six
Tom Kristensen first, 0.009sec ahead of Jamie Green

After two consecutive pole positions Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class) will start tomorrow's third round of the 2006 DTM at Oschersleben second on the grid. With a time of 1:19.273 he missed his third pole of the season by nine thousandths of a second, after he had been edged out by Audi's Tom Kristensen in the exciting final seven minutes of qualifying. On the 3667-metre circuit 0.009sec convert to a distance of 41.637 centimetres.

Bruno Spengler (DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:19.513) and Mika Häkkinen (AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:19.561) will start from the second row on the grid. Bernd Schneider (Vodafone AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:19.876) qualified on the third row in sixth place.

In the first 14-minute qualifying part Daniel la Rosa (TrekStor AMG-Mercedes C-Class) was 15th with a time of 1:20.747 ahead of his Mücke Motorsport team mate Stefan Mücke (TV-Spielfilm AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:20.774). Mathias Lauda (Second Hand AMG Mercedes C-Class/1:21.367) and Susie Stoddart (AutoScout24 AMG Mercedes C-Class/1:21.432) were 17th and 18th respectively.

These four missed the second 10-minute part of qualifying whilst Jean Alesi moved up to 14th place in the last minute. He kept this position during the second part of qualifying with a time of 1:20.441. His Persson team mate Alexandros Margaritis (Easy Rent AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:20.333) qualified 11th and missed the top-eight by 0.179sec.

Jamie Green:

"The start tomorrow will be crucial, because overtaking here is extremely difficult. Starting from the front row I will be in a good position for the first corner. My last three consecutive pole positions didn't bring me luck; however, I hope it will work better tomorrow."

Bruno Spengler:

"I am happy about my third place. It would have been possible to be faster, but in the end I unfortunately didn't manage a perfect lap with new tyres. Third on the grid is a good basis and I expect an exciting race."

Mika Häkkinen:

"With my first set of tyres the balance was not perfect. However, our team did a great job and I was able to improve to fourth in the closing minutes. Tomorrow I want to make another step forward."

Bernd Schneider:

"I was not happy with my first run, because my rear tyres didn't have enough grip. Therefore I pitted for new tyres and unfortunately crossed the finish line one second too late and therefore was not able to improve. Tomorrow I will have a good speed."

Alexandros Margaritis:

"I missed the third part of qualifying by less than two tenths of a second, but I'm confident that we will be faster tomorrow and end up in the points."

Jean Alesi:

"Today I was just not fast enough. This can happen, but tomorrow I will push hard."

Daniel la Rosa:

"My first run was quite OK. When I was out again with new tyres Olivier Tielemans had an off just in front of me and came back on the track without looking back. I had to back off and lost time."

Stefan Mücke:

"This morning I was seventh and that was not bad. In qualifying I got stuck in traffic with my second set of tyres and was not able to improve."

Mathias Lauda:

"Unfortunately I missed the right gear during my fastest lap and lost time. However, being the best driver with a 2004 car I'm quite satisfied."

Susie Stoddart:

"I'm very disappointed. On my fastest lap I was blocked by Olivier Tielemans. Tomorrow I will give it my all to move up through the field."

Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport:

"Jamie Green, Bruno Spengler, Mika Häkkinen and Bernd Schneider qualified our four AMG-Mercedes C-Class cars among the top-six and showed a great team performance. Due to our weight handicap I hadn't expected this result."

"Jamie missed his third pole position of the year by nine thousandths of a second. However, starting second he is in a good position for the first corner. Bernd Schneider crossed the finish line one second too late, otherwise he would have been able to improve."

"Congratulations to Audi and Tom Kristensen on pole. Again the new qualifying format provided an extra value for the spectators here at the circuit and the TV viewers at home."

Jamie Green
Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Second, 1:19.273

Bruno Spengler
DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Third, 1:19.513

Mika Häkkinen
AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Fourth, 1:19.561

Bernd Schneider
Vodafone AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Sixth, 1:19.876

Alexandros Margaritis
Easy Rent AMG-Mercedes C-Class
11th, 1:20.087

Jean Alesi
stern AMG-Mercedes C-Class
14th, 1:20.441

Daniel la Rosa
TrekStor AMG-Mercedes C-Class
15th, 1:20.747

Stefan Mücke
TV-Spielfilm AMG-Mercedes C-Class
16th, 1:20.774

Mathias Lauda
Second Hand AMG-Mercedes C-Class
17th, 1:21.367

Susie Stoddart
AutoScout24 AMG-Mercedes C-Klasse)
18th, 1:21.432


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