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Norisring near Nurnberg 2.3 km 2x 44 laps. weather: hot 35 C, inside the cars up to 80 C. spectators 130000 top 15 qualifying: 1. Bernd Schneider Mercedes 2. Keke Rosberg Opel 3. Nicola Larini Alfa 4. Kurt Thiim ...

Norisring near Nurnberg 2.3 km 2x 44 laps. weather: hot 35 C, inside the cars up to 80 C. spectators 130000

top 15 qualifying: 1. Bernd Schneider Mercedes 2. Keke Rosberg Opel 3. Nicola Larini Alfa 4. Kurt Thiim Mercedes 5. Joerg van Ommen Mercedes 6. Kris Nissen Alfa 7. Alessandro Nannini Alfa 8. Roland Asch Mercedes 9. Manuel Reuter Opel 10.Ellen Lohr Mercedes 11.Christian Danner Alfa 12.Giorgio Francia Alfa 13.Stefano Buttiero Alfa 14."John WINTER" Opel 15.Juergen Ruch Ford Mustang GT !!! 16.Klaus Ludwig Mercedes 17.Michael Bartels Alfa


1. Larini 2. van Ommen 3. Ludwig 4. Thiim 5. Reuter 6. Nissen 7. Lohr 8. Bartels 9. Winter 10.Engstler

Schneider leads Rosberg, Thiim, van Ommen, Larini, Asch, Nannini, Reuter lap5: Larini takes 4. from v.Ommen, Ludwig from 16.start position now 7. lap8: Schneider 2.8 sec.---> Rosberg 10: Rosberg hit by Severich while overlapping and drops 2 places back. 11: Larini takes 2nd position. v.Ommen hits Rosberg who drops to 6. now. 12: Schneider, Larini, Thiim, Nannini, van Ommen, Rosberg, Ludwig, Asch, Reuter. 14: Larini fastest lap and takes the lead from Schneider easily. 16: Larini, Schneider, Thiim, Nannini, van Ommen, Rosberg, Ludwig, Asch, Reuter, Francia, Lohr 17: Nannini attacking Thiim. 18: Smoke from Schneider's engine. He comes to the pits and out. (Loser Of The Year) 19: Nannini 2nd now. 21: Nannini spins, drops back.Rosberg takes 2nd from Thiim. Francia hits Reuter. 22: Francia into pits. 25: Larini 7.8sec.---> Rosberg, v.Ommen, Ludwig, Thiim 26: Danner out after touching a wall. The Mustang, qualified 15th, is out with a defective throttle. 30: Larini, Rosberg, v.Ommen, Ludwig, Thiim, Reuter, Nissen, Lohr, Bartels, Nannini 34: Asch out (engine) 37: Nannini out (engine) 38: Larini 10sec.--> Rosberg, v.Ommen 4sec.-->Ludwig, Thiim, Reuter, Nissen,Lohr 40: Rosberg suddenly with a spectacular spin at the end of a straight, sliding into a very long run out area and hits a tree with the rear of his Calibra after 200 meters. He reported later:"There suddenly was absolutely no more break power. I tried to get some breaking on the rear of Bartels' Alfa, but missed him. So the only way was to spin into this run out area."


1. Nissen 2. Larini 3. Thiim 4. Francia 5. Ludwig 6. Lohr 7. Nannini 8. van Ommen 9. Bartels 10.Winter

Nannini with Buttiero's Alfa from last row. Larini stalls at the start for warm up lap. He starts now out of the pit lane with Danner. Reuter with a superb start in front of Ludwig, v.Ommen, Thiim, Nissen, Lohr 3: Nannini 13. Larini 16. 5: Nannini 10. Larini 11. 9: Reuter, Ludwig, v.Ommen, Thiim, Nissen, Larini, Lohr 10: Schneider slow, pits, out ... 12: v.Ommen takes 2nd from Ludwig 13: Reuter 4.3sec.--> Larini. Asch pits. 15: Thiim takes 3rd from Ludwig, Larini 5th from Nissen. 17: Ludwig punched from behind by Larini an spins. 19: Reuter, v.Ommen, Thiim, Larini, Nissen 20: Reuter slow. Larini overtaking Thiim and then punching van Ommen in the same way he did with Ludwig. v.Ommen spins, Larini leads. Larini, Thiim, Nissen, Francia, Ludwig, Lohr, Nannini, Bartels 22: Larini stop and go penalty for his "punching". 25: Thiim leads Nissen, Francia, Ludwig, Lohr, v.Ommen, Nannini, Larini, Bartels, Winter. 27: Thiim opend the door widely and Nissen leads the race. 28: Nissen, Thiim, Francia, Ludwig, Lohr, Larini, v.Ommen, Nannini 29: Nissen 15.3sec.-->Larini 31: Larini in 5th again. 32: Nissen 4.1sec.-->Thiim 2.8-->Francia 35: Larini attacking Ludwig 37: Nissen, Thiim, Francia, Larini, Ludwig, Lohr, Nannini 38: Nissen 6.4-->Thiim 39: Francia in 3rd position opens the door for his teammate Larini. 40: Thiim 2.0-->Larini Kris Nissen with his best racing result after his fire accident in 1988.


1. Ludwig       109
2. Nannini      106
3. van Ommen     89
4. Larini        80
5. Nissen        76
6. Thiim         72
7. Danner        60
8. Asch          52
9. Francia       49
10.Reuter        42

1. Alfa Romeo 179 2. Mercedes 159 3. Opel 45

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