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Race 5 and 6: Norisring is a temporary street circuit with 2.30 km length. Spectators: 80,000 Weather: cloudy, the track is more wet than dry. (tyre roulette) First bad news: Jan Magnussen (DK), driving for AMG-Mercedes and McLaren...

Race 5 and 6:

Norisring is a temporary street circuit with 2.30 km length. Spectators: 80,000 Weather: cloudy, the track is more wet than dry. (tyre roulette)

First bad news: Jan Magnussen (DK), driving for AMG-Mercedes and McLaren test-driver, had an accident yesterday after qualifying. He was driving with a scooter from the track to his hotel and crashed into a car on a parking place. He is now in hospital with a broken leg.

The starting grid: (tyres)

1 Bernd Schneider Michael Bartels (rain) AMG-Mercedes C (rain) Euroteam-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti (rain)

2 Yannick Dalmas (rain) Dario Franchitti (rain) Joest-Opel Calibra V6 AMG-Mercedes C

3 Keke Rosberg (intermediate) Bernd Maylaender (slicks) Rosberg-Opel Calibra V6 Persson Mercedes C (94)

4 Nicola Larini (rain) Kurt Thiim (rain) Martini-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti Zakspeed-Mercedes C

5 Joerg van Ommen (rain) Ellen Lohr (rain) AMG-Mercedes C Zakspeed-Mercedes C

6 Fabrizio Giovanardi (slicks) Manuel Reuter (slicks) Corse 2-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti(94)Joest-Opel Calibra V6

7 Alessandro Nannini (rain) Klaus Ludwig (intermediate) Martini-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti Rosberg-Opel Calibra V6

8 Stefano Modena (rain) Uwe Alzen (rain) Euroteam-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti Persson Mercedes C (94)

9 Michele Alboreto (rain) JJ Lehto (intermediate) Schuebel-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti Joest-Opel Calibra V6 (94)

10 Ni Amorim Christian Danner (slicks) Joest-Opel Calibra V6 (94) Schuebel-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti

11 Gianni Giudici Gerd Ruch Corse 2-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti(94)Ruch-Mercedes C (94)

12 Louis Krages Alexander Grau Zakspeed-Mercedes C (94) Zakspeed-Mercedes C

Race 5:

lap 1: Schneider in the lead, hit by Bartels and spins but can continue. Franchitti stops to avoid a crash. 2: 1.Bartels 2.Thiim 3.Rosberg 4.Modena 5.Larini 6.Ludwig 7.Nannini 3: Krages with a spin. Schneider and Franchitti dropping back to 11+12. 4: 1.Bartels 2.Modena 3.Larini 4.Thiim 5.Nannini 6.Rosberg 7.Dalmas 8.Ludwig 9.Schneider 10.Alboreto 5: Larini(FL) takes 2nd pos. from Modena. 7: 1.Bartels-->6.7sec 2.Larini 9: Reuter pits and out with electr.problems 11: Schneider pits, changing tyres to slicks (13sec.) 12: Thiim changing to slicks (13sec.) 13: Modena, Nannini, van Ommen, Alzen tyre change. 14: Franchitti, Lohr, Alboreto coming in for slicks. 15: Bartels, Larini to change, Larini in 8 seconds. Rosberg leads one lap and then coming into the pits, engine problems, out. 16: Ludwig leads, Giovanardi FL in 4 pos. 17: 1.Ludwig, 2.Dalmas, 3.Giovanardi, 4.Danner, 5.Lehto, 6.Amorim 18: Giovanardi slow, out (gearbox) 19: FL for Franchitti 21: 1.Ludwig-->3.7 2.Dalmas-->10.5 3.Danner-->9.2 4.Lehto 24: Larini kicking Thiim into a wall, Thiim out. 1.Ludwig-->0.5sec 2.Dalmas-->0.4 3.Danner 26: Stop + go penalty for Larini. 28: Danner takes 2nd pos. from Dalmas 30: 1.Ludwig-->1.8 2.Danner 33: 1.Ludwig, 2.Danner, 3.Dalmas, 4.Bartels, 5.Larini 34: FL for Schneider. 35: Danner breaking out Ludwig and takes the lead. 37: Dalmas is pushed by Giudici into a spin. 1.Danner, 2.Ludwig, 3.Bartels(FL), 4.Nannini, 5.Schneider 40: Dalmas spinning again, out. 43: Bartels slowing down and stalls, out.(gearbox)

after 44 laps: 1.Danner, 2.Ludwig, 3.Nannini, 4.Schneider, 5.Modena 6.Franchitti, 7.Lehto, 8.Larini, 9.Amorim, 10.Bartels

Race 6:

Giovanardi and Thiim having unrepairable cars. Bartels starting out of the pit lane. All cars with slicks now.

lap 3: 1.Schneider, 2.Danner, 3.Ludwig, 4.Modena, 5.Franchitti, 6.Larini 7.Lohr, 8.Nannini, Alboreto into the pits. 4: Ni Amorim crashing into the barriers. 6: 1.Schneider-->5sec. 2.Danner, 3.Modena, 4.Ludwig, Lohr with a spin, Nannini pits (7th pos.) out. 7: Reuter pits, out. (he became sick from fuel gaze) 9: 1.Schneider-->10sec 2.Modena, 3.Danner, 4.Ludwig, 5.Franchitti 6.Larini 10: Lehto out with engine problems. 11: Franchitti now 3rd, Franchitti, Ludwig, Larini within 1 sec, 13: Larini breaking out Ludwig. Dalmas with a spin and goes into the pits. 16: Rosberg who started from last row is now 11th, Bartels now 7th. 19: 1.Schneider, 2.Modena, 3.Larini, 4.Danner, 5.Franchitti 6.Ludwig, 7.Bartels, 8.van Ommen. 22: Ludwig-->1sec. Bartels, Rosberg now 10. 25: Bartels takes 6th from Ludwig, Franchitti 4th from Danner. 27: Crash between Bartels and Danner. Danner continues, Bartels pits to take a new front hood. 30: Topspeed Schneider 252.9 km/h 32: 1.Schneider-->15sec. 2.Larini-->1sec. 3.Modena, 4.Franchitti 5.van Ommen, 6.Ludwig, 7.Grau, 8.Rosberg, 9.Danner, 10.Maylaender. 33: Bartels 2nd pitstop. 35: Ludwig into the pits with engine problems, out. 36: Nannini kicking Rosberg into the back and locking the exhauster of the Calibra. Rosberg pits, out. 39: Schneider with a new lap record, 50.96. 41: 1.Schneider-->16.5 2.Larini, 3.Franchitti, 4.Modena, 5.van Ommen, 6.Grau, 7.Danner, 8.Maylaender, 9.Krages, 10.Nannini. Larini slow, stalls. 44: 1.Schneider, 2.Franchitti, 3.van Ommen, 4.Modena, 5.Grau 6.Danner, 7.Maylaender, 8.Krages, 9.Nannini

Standings: Manufacturers:

1. Schneider 70 pts 1. Mercedes 90 pts 2. van Ommen 46 2. Alfa Romeo 52 3. Ludwig 35 3. Opel 37 4. Franchitti 33 5. Danner 31

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