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The fifth round of the 2007 DTM this coming weekend in Nuremberg is the championship's only race on a temporary street circuit. It will take place three days after the calendrical beginning of summer. Prior to the race at the Norisring, Bernd ...

The fifth round of the 2007 DTM this coming weekend in Nuremberg is the championship's only race on a temporary street circuit. It will take place three days after the calendrical beginning of summer.

Prior to the race at the Norisring, Bernd Schneider (Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class 2007), winner of the last race in Brands Hatch, is the best Mercedes-Benz driver in third place overall with 17.5 points; behind Audi drivers Martin Tomczyk (20 points) and Mattias Ekstrom (18 points).

Apart from Schneider, eight more Mercedes-Benz DTM drivers have scored points in the championship so far: 4. Paul di Resta (JAWA4U.de AMG Mercedes C-Class 2005), 16 points; 5. Gary Paffett (Laureus AMG Mercedes C-Class 2006), 11,5; 6. Mika Hakkinen (AMG Mercedes C-Class 2007), 10; 7. Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class 2007), 7,5; 8. Bruno Spengler (DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG Mercedes C-Class 2007), 7; 11. Daniel la Rosa (TrekStor AMG Mercedes C-Class 2006), 6; 12. Alexandros Margaritis (stern AMG Mercedes C-Class 2006), 6; 14. Mathias Lauda (Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class 2006), 1.

Among the circuits on the DTM calendar, the Norisring is the most challenging for the brakes. Whilst braking at the Grundig hairpin, brake temperature rises to 800 degrees Celsius. Decelerating here from about 260 kph to 45 kph, the drivers have to endure forces of 2G. To maintain this brake performance for 74 laps even at high ambient temperatures, the brakes are equipped with biggest possible air ducts.

Three times since, the Norisring winner has become DTM Champion at the end of the season: Bernd Schneider in 2000, Laurent Aiello in 2002 and Gary Paffett in 2005.

What the drivers and Motorsport chief say:

Bernd Schneider, start number 1 (2007 Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class): "The Norisring is like Monaco in the DTM with a unique atmosphere. Therefore, I particularly look forward to this race and want to continue with good results like my race win in Brands Hatch. I expect an exciting race, which will be very demanding for the drivers. 74 laps in the usually hot conditions in Nuremberg are quite a challenge."

Bruno Spengler, start number 2 (2007 DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG Mercedes C-Class): "I have only positive memories of the Norisring. I like the track with the many fans very much and last year I achieved my first DTM victory there. I will do my best to repeat this success."

Jamie Green, start number 5 (2007 Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class): "Four races and three sixth positions -- I am not satisfied. I can do better, and I want to prove it in Nuremberg."

Mika Hakkinen, start number 6 (2007 AMG Mercedes C-Class): "I like to race at the Norisring with its unique atmosphere. Like every city circuit, it offers special challenges for cars and drivers and it does not allow for any mistakes. Therefore, it is crucial to remain fully concentrated throughout and to keep it cool in any situation; however, with the usually high ambient temperatures at the Norisring this is not an easy task."

Gary Paffett, start number 9 (2006 Laureus AMG Mercedes C-Class): "I am quite optimistic for the race, because my car lost a bit of weight after Brands Hatch. At the Norisring, I have already won in Formula 3 and in the DTM and it is one of my favourite tracks. This is also because of the many spectators and the great atmosphere."

Alexandros Margaritis, start number 10 (2006 stern AMG Mercedes C-Class): "The Norisring is my personal highlight of the season, because the circuit suits me particularly well. Here I want to score the points I have missed in Brands Hatch by half a second. As our car is lighter than before, a podium position could be possible."

Susie Stoddart, start number 14 (2005 TV Spielfilm AMG Mercedes C-Class): "The atmosphere at the Norisring is really incredible. Last year I did not finish among the top-ten following a collision. This time I will give it my all for a better result."

Daniel la Rosa, start number 15 (2006 TrekStor AMG Mercedes C-Class): "In Nuremberg we are closer to our fans than at any other race track, which is a really impressing backdrop. After missing the top-ten three times in a row I finally want to score points again."

Mathias Lauda, start number 18 (2006 Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class): "After 12th place in Brands Hatch, I want to be back in the points in Nuremberg. With the lighter car this should be possible."

Paul di Resta, start number 19 (JAWA4U.de AMG Mercedes C-Class 2005): "The Norisring is one of my favourite tracks. Last year, I won a race of the Formula 3 Euro Series. Following the disappointing outcome in Brands Hatch, when I retired short after the start, I want to be back on the podium."

Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport: "The 2.3-km long Norisring is one of the shortest circuits with the most narrow passages on the DTM calendar. At this track we have won six out of the last eight races. With only four corners, the layout seems to be not very challenging; however, this is not true. Twice per lap, the drivers slow down extremely hard from speeds of more than 250 km/h; once, at the Grundig hairpin, to less than 50 km/h, which makes this corner the slowest turn on the DTM calendar. The quick rhythm of accelerating, braking and turning in represents an extreme challenge for the drivers and for the cars, which pass the same spot every 50 seconds. As the only race on a temporary street circuit, the Norisring is a highlight of the season. Everybody in our teams is fully focused to further improve our season balance with three wins out of four races so far. The fans in Nuremberg and at the TV will certainly see one of the most exciting races."

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