Lausitz II: Audi Friday practices report

Five Audi A4 DTM cars in the top ten Difficult conditions at EuroSpeedway Frank Stippler quickest Audi driver on Friday Mattias Ekström in fifth place On Friday, Frank Stippler was the quickest Audi driver at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, which is...

Five Audi A4 DTM cars in the top ten

Difficult conditions at EuroSpeedway Frank Stippler quickest Audi driver on Friday Mattias Ekström in fifth place On Friday, Frank Stippler was the quickest Audi driver at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, which is the venue for the ninth DTM race of the season this weekend. Heavy rain pouring down on the 3.442-kilometre circuit made conditions extremely difficult and caused several cars to spin.

Only during the last minutes of the second test session the racing line dried off, meaning that Friday's results - with five Audi A4 DTM cars among the top ten and title defender Mattias Ekström 14 places ahead of the current leader of the standings, Gary Paffett - are not very conclusive.

For the qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday, the weather forecast has predicted better conditions.

Frank Stippler:

"I'm very satisfied with this Friday. On wets I was always roughly between eighth and tenth place - that's a respectable result. And with slicks on the drying track we were sorted as well as we'd been in the qualifying at Oschersleben where conditions were very similar."

Allan McNish:

"I didn't realise how important being familiar with a circuit and knowing how the car should feel is in the DTM. My A4 was well-balanced today. Whenever I was out on the track, I was among the top six. For a Friday, that was a very good performance."

Pierre Kaffer:

"In the first test we tried a few things that didn't work out all that well. In the second test everything was okay. In wet conditions I kept running in tenth place, more or less. Twenty minutes before the end I went out with slicks - that was the right decision. I'm happy about fourth place."

Mattias Ekström:

"When a track stays wet for such a long time you can try out a lot of different things. That's what we did today, gaining experience in the process. Still, I'd rather have dry weather tomorrow."

Tom Kristensen:

"That was a good Friday, I'm very satisfied. We improved our rain set-up, on wets we were the quickest today. When the track started drying off towards the end, I was a bit unfortunate in traffic and decided not to take any more risks."

Rinaldo Capello:

"We had some problems in wet conditions which we were able to resolve shortly before the end of the second test. After the last change we made the car felt very good - that's important for tomorrow. On slicks I went out a bit too late, the tyres just didn't warm up to the right temperatures any more."

Christian Abt:

"Apart from the fact that we tried out a few things in the rain there's not much to say about today. Unless you were out towards the end, when the track had dried all of a sudden, you simply weren't among the front runners. I hope that we'll have dry conditions tomorrow - in the wet, it's not that much fun here."

Martin Tomczyk:

"I wouldn't say that the day was a total loss. But we weren't able to gather a lot of information. If anything, it was possible to find the right line. In the end, clocking a fast time wasn't important for me any more."

Hans-Jürgen Abt (Team Director Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline):

"Today was a 'weather day' with changing conditions. We tried out a lot of different things with all the cars. Yet the results aren't very conclusive."

Ralf Jüttner (Technical Director Audi Sport Team Joest):

"I'm pretty sure that all the set-up work was in vain because the weather is supposed to be getting better. As far as the results go, things looked pretty good for us today. Those who went out on slicks at just the right time towards the end were far in front - fortunately we managed to do that with Frank and Pierre. But tomorrow we'll be starting from scratch again."

Dr Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport):

"We tried to find the best possible set-up for these weather conditions and managed to do that pretty well with all of our cars. Yet we're proceeding from the assumption that it'll be dry tomorrow morning. In any event, it was interesting to see that so many cars came so close to each other even in such extreme conditions - which shows yet again how tight the DTM field is."

Frank Stippler
Audi Sport Team Joest #19
12th place / 2nd place, 1m 26.574s

Allan McNish
Audi Sport Team Abt #6
9th place / 3rd place, 1m 26.998s

Pierre Kaffer
Audi Sport Team Joest Racing #15
17th place / 4th place, 1m 27.343s

Mattias Ekström
Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline #1
7th place / 5th place, 1m 27.786s

Tom Kristensen
Audi Sport Team Abt #5
4th place / 9th place, 1m 29.286s

Rinaldo Capello
Audi Sport Team Joest #18
19th place / 12th place, 1m 29.775s

Christian Abt
Audi Sport Team Joest Racing #14
11th place / 14th place, 1m 30.035s

Martin Tomczyk
Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline #2
14th place / 20th place, 1m 31.582s


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