Hockenheimring II: Mercedes-Benz qualifying report

Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class), winner of the previous DTM race in Barcelona, will start Sunday's 2007 DTM season finale in Hockenheim as the best driver of an AMG Mercedes C-Class from fourth place on the grid. In the third part...

Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class), winner of the previous DTM race in Barcelona, will start Sunday's 2007 DTM season finale in Hockenheim as the best driver of an AMG Mercedes C-Class from fourth place on the grid. In the third part of qualifying, Green set a time of 1min33.028. Tom Kristensen (Audi/1:32.862) took pole position.

Bruno Spengler (DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG Mercedes C-Class), second overall with two points behind the leader, was sixth with 1min33.273. The other title contenders, Mattias Ekstrom (1min32.950) and Martin Tomczyk (1min33.191) qualified third and fifth respectively.

Reigning Champion Bernd Schneider (Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class) was seventh with 1min33.939 followed by Daniel la Rosa (TrekStor AMG Mercedes C-Class) with 1min34.192. La Rosa will be relegated by 10 positions due to a penalty for a race incident in Barcelona three weeks ago.

Qualifying, part 1:

Green was fastest with a time of 1min33.450 ahead of Spengler with 1min33.788. Paul di Resta (JAWA4U.de AMG Mercedes C-Class) with 1min34.587 in 16th place, Mathias Lauda (Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class) in 18th with 1min34.685 and Susie Stoddart (TV Spielfilm AMG Mercedes C-Class) in 19th with 1min34.723 did not make it to the next round.

Qualifying, part 2:

Spengler improved by more than four tenths of a second and was third fastest in the second part of qualifying. Gary Paffett (Laureus AMG Mercedes C-Class/1min34.080) was ninths and missed the final round by 89 thousandths of a second. One thousandth behind him followed Alexandros Margaritis (stern AMG Mercedes C-Class/1min34.081) in 10th place. Mika Hakkinen (AMG Mercedes C-Class) qualified 14th with 1min34.478; however, due to a penalty as a consequence of his race incident with Martin Tomczyk (Audi) in Barcelona he start the race from the end of the field.

Jamie Green (2007 Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class), fourth (1:33.028):

"Fourth place is not what I had expected; however, considering the weight handicap and in comparison with my team mates, I am quite happy with my grid position. I improved significantly in the final part of qualifying; in the course of the season this was something I didn't manage in every race. Our long runs on Friday looked good; therefore I think I will do better in the race than on a single timed lap."

Bruno Spengler (2007 DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG Mercedes C-Class), sixth (1:33.273):

"It will be a difficult race. The lap times of all drivers are very close, but I don't think about the grid positions. All I want to do is do my best, and then everything will be possible. I know we have a good strategy and our team will do a perfect job. I look forward to tomorrow."

Bernd Schneider (2007 Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class), seventh (1:33.939):

"Unfortunately I was not able to drive a perfect lap and I don't know why. But even if I did -- the top three were so fast that I'm not sure if I would have been able to match their speed. However, it's the race that counts and I will give it my all again, to achieve a positive result at the end of the season."

Daniel la Rosa (2006 TrekStor AMG Mercedes C-Class), eighth (1:34.192):

"I am satisfied to reach the final round of qualifying, but it's a shame that I will start ten places down the grid. Unfortunately I got stuck behind Martin Tomczyk on my fastest lap; obviously he didn't see me. Otherwise I might have achieved a better result."

Gary Paffett (2006 Laureus AMG Mercedes C-Class), ninth (1:34.080):

"On my first run in the second part of qualifying I made a small mistake and had to try everything in the end. Although it didn't work out, I am confident that I will be able to achieve a good result tomorrow."

Alexandros Margaritis (2006 stern AMG Mercedes C-Class), 10th (1:34.081): "We have improved throughout the weekend so far. Only a tenth of a second better and I would have been among the top eight. I see a good chance to score points tomorrow."

Mika Hakkinen (2007 AMG Mercedes C-Class), 14th (1:34.478):

"To come to Hockenheim and to start last was definitely not my target and I am very sorry for the team; unfortunately the unjustified penalty from Barcelona has prevented me from having a proper chance for racing."

Paul di Resta (2005 JAWA4U.de AMG Mercedes C-Class), 16th (1:34.587):

"A disappointing weekend so far. We didn't manage to find the optimum set-up. We will analyse why and tomorrow is another day; I am optimistic."

Mathias Lauda (2006 Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class), 18th (1:34.685):

"I was on a fast lap when I braked to late for the Sachs corner. My front wheels locked, and I hit the tyre barrier. Without this mistake the next round of qualifying would have been possible for me."

Susie Stoddart (2005 TV-Spielfilm AMG Mercedes C-Class), 19th (1:34.723): "The car ran well, but I was not able to reach the second part of qualifying. In tomorrow's race I will do everything to finish the season with a good result."

Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport:

"A good performance by Jamie Green. On this circuit, the weight handicap of ten kilograms means about two tenths of a second. Jamie is 0.166sec behind pole, which means he is within this margin; however, despite the small gap he is behind three competitors. The Audis showed a good performance and are placed consolidated at the front - we managed this only from sixth position on the grid. But we have six C-Class cars among the first ten places and the first five rows, with title contender Bruno Spengler among them on row three. Tomorrow we will fight -- tough and fair. The DTM should see a great and exciting finale in front of sold-out grandstands."

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