Hockenheim: Mercedes qualifying report

Third DTM Pole Position for Jamie Green Five Mercedes AMG C-Class cars among top-eight Bernd Schneider second ahead of Bruno Spengler Stefan Mücke fifth in a last year's C-Class Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class) will start Sunday's...

Third DTM Pole Position for Jamie Green
Five Mercedes AMG C-Class cars among top-eight
Bernd Schneider second ahead of Bruno Spengler
Stefan Mücke fifth in a last year's C-Class

Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class) will start Sunday's 2006 DTM season opener at Hockenheim from his third pole position in the championship.

In Saturday's exciting three-part qualifying Green posted a fastest lap of 1:33.473 and edged out his HWA team mates Bernd Schneider (Vodafone AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:33.557) and Bruno Spengler (DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:33.650) during the final seven minutes.

Thus Green remains the fastest DTM driver in Hockenheim: He set the fastest race laps in both 2005 races and started last year's season finale here also from pole position.

Stefan Mücke (TV-Spielfilm AMG-Mercedes C-Class) qualified fifth in a 2005 AMG-Mercedes C-Class with a time of 1:33.765 and was less than three tenths of a second behind pole position. Mika Häkkinen (AMG-Mercedes) was seventh fastest with a 1:34.558.

In Friday's second test, Spengler's car had been damaged by a fire caused by a leak in the fuel system. The HWA team completed the repairs until Saturday's free practice within about 18 hours with 20 mechanics working in three shifts.

During the second qualifying part's ten minutes Daniel la Rosa (TrekStor AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:34.321) and Alexandros Margaritis (Easy Rent AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:34.401) qualified 10th and 12th respectively with their 2005 C-Class cars.

Jean Alesi (stern AMG-Mercedes C-Class) missed the Top-14 with a 1:34.759 in the first qualifying part and will start 16th. Susie Stoddart (AutoScout24 AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:35.938) and Mathias Lauda (Second Hand AMG-Mercedes C-Class/1:35.963), both with 2004 cars, qualified 17th and 18th.

Jamie Green:

"It's the biggest challenge of the new qualifying format, that you now have to post three optimum laps instead of only one. Today I managed to do so and I'm really happy about my third DTM pole position. My team had prepared the car perfectly and I want to thank everybody for their work."

Bernd Schneider:

"I'm satisfied with my second position on the grid. My qualifying was almost perfect and the car was well prepared. We will now try to find the last eight hundredths of a second to be faster than Jamie. The new qualifying is really exciting and a great show for the spectators."

Bruno Spengler:

"I improved from session to session and I'm happy with today's result. Maybe a position on the first row was possible. Our mechanics worked all night to repair the car after yesterday's damage. I thank everybody for their immense efforts."

Stefan Mücke:

"It's great to be fifth with a last year's C-Class and we achieved our aim to qualify among the top-eight. The team gave me a perfect car and I thank them for their good job."

Mika Häkkinen:

"I'm happy for Jamie, Bernd, Bruno and our team about the first three grid position. I myself didn't manage a perfect lap today, although I made no big mistakes. I don't know yet why the gap to the top is so big and we will analyse the data now. Tomorrow I want to perform better and fight for a podium finish."

Daniel la Rosa:

"I'm happy that I was able to qualify for the second part and finally ended up 10th. This is a great result for my first DTM qualifying and my first event with a touring car."

Alexandros Margaritis:

"I'm four tenths of a second behind the top-ten. We had a good basis, but it didn't work our perfectly."

Jean Alesi:

"It's a shame; I would have loved to continue qualifying. The new format is a good show for the spectators. "

Susie Stoddart:

"We had a good strategy for qualifying; however, I didn't find a clear lap and was not able to show what I'm capable of. In tomorrow's race I want to improve significantly."

Mathias Lauda:

"Unfortunately I was not able to drive a perfect lap in my first DTM qualifying. In such a short qualifying period I have to try harder to perform at my best from the very beginning."

Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport:

"The most important at first: It was an incredible job by the HWA team and a demonstration of their team spirit, that they repaired Bruno Spengler's car after yesterday's damage. To complete this work in a record time and during the night, and then to end up less than two tenths of a second behind pole time shows this team's spirit. I thank everybody and I know what the best reward for the team would be in tomorrow's race -- I hope it will work out."

"Congratulations to Jamie Green on his third DTM pole position and to Bernd Schneider and Bruno Spengler on their second and third grid positions. In this morning's free practice we were far away from top positions and the HWA team did a great job to bring us up to the front in qualifying."

"Stefan and the Mücke team also performed well. Their fifth place with a last year's car and also newcomer Daniel la Rosa's tenth place deserve respect. Mika is not satisfied with his seventh position, with himself and with his set-up. I think he will fight for a better finish in the race. The new qualifying format proved its worth. The spectators at the race track and the TV viewers at home saw very exciting 45 minutes."

Jamie Green
Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Pole Position: 1:33.473

Bernd Schneider
Vodafone AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Second: 1:33.557

Bruno Spengler
DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Third: 1:33.650

Stefan Mücke
TV-Spielfilm AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Fifth: 1:33.765

Mika Häkkinen
AMG-Mercedes C-Class
Seventh: 1:34.558

Daniel la Rosa
TrekStor AMG-Mercedes C-Class
10th: 1:34.321

Alexandros Margaritis
Easy Rent AMG-Mercedes C-Class
12th: 1:34.401

Jean Alesi
stern AMG-Mercedes C-Class
16th: 1:34.759

Susie Stoddart
AutoScout24 AMG-Mercedes C-Class
17th: 1:35.938

Mathias Lauda
Second Hand AMG-Mercedes C-Class
18th: 1:35.963


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