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TOP 15 QUALIFYING: Pos Driver Nat Car -------------------------------------------------- 1. Kurt Thiim DK Mercedes Benz C180 2. Alessandro Nannini I Alfa Romeo 155 V6 3. Nicola Larini ...


Pos Driver                Nat        Car
1. Kurt Thiim                DK        Mercedes Benz C180
2. Alessandro Nannini        I        Alfa Romeo 155 V6
3. Nicola Larini        I        Alfa Romeo 155 V6
4. Keke Rosberg                SF        Opel Calibra V6
5. Joerg van Ommen        D        Mercedes Benz C180
6. Manuel Reuter        D        Opel Calibra V6
7. Bernd Schneider        D        Mercedes Benz C180
8. Roland Asch                D        Mercedes Benz C180
9. Kris Nissen                 DK        Alfa Romeo 155 V6
10.Ellen Lohr                D       Mercedes Benz C180
11.Giorgio Francia        I        Alfa Romeo 155 V6
12.Christian Danner        D        Alfa Romeo 155 V6
13.Danny Sullivan        USA        Alfa Romeo 155 V6
14."John Winter"        D       Opel Calibra V6
15.Klaus Ludwig                D        Mercedes Benz C180

RACE 1 25 laps=100,575km no points

lap 1: Thiim, Nannini, Larini, Rosberg beside Larini and Reuter beside Rosberg. 3 cars through a bend = 1 car left. Collision of the 2 Calibras, Reuter into the gravel, Rosberg pits. 3: Ludwig who started 15th is now 8. 6: Thiim, Larini, Nannini, Schneider, Asch, Nissen, Ludwig, Lohr, van Ommen, Francia. 8: Larini tries to overtake Thiim on th left. Thiim shuts the door, but opens the door on his right for Nannini. (good trick) Thiim has got a shock from this and drops back to 5th position. Schneider 3rd. 11: Nannini, Larini, Schneider, Asch, Thiim, Nissen, Ludwig, Lohr, van Ommen, Francia 13: Nannini fastest lap 14: Nissen takes 5th from Tiim, Schneider 2nd from Larini. 15: Thiim now dropping behind Ellen Lohr. (still shocked?) 19: Ellen Lohr passing Ludwig. 23: Ludwig out - mechanical failure

1. Nannini 2. Schneider 3. Larini 4. Asch 5. Nissen 6. Lohr 7. Thiim 8. van Ommen 9. Danner 10.Sullivan


Larini, Ludwig and Rosberg do not start in 2nd race. Unrepairable cars.

lap 2: Nannini, Schneider, Nissen, Asch, Thiim, Lohr, van Ommen, Danner, Sullivan, Winter no changes 8: Ellen Lohr now 5. Schneider fastest lap. Reuter who had to start fron the pit lane is now in 10th position. 10: Reuter fastest lap 12: Lohr out (engine?) 14: Nannini, Schneider , Nissen, Asch, Ommen, Danner, Thiim Sullivan, Reuter, Winter, Francia, Wallace 15: Nannini 3.5 sec --> Schneider 16: Nissen out - gearbox 17: Reuter 6. 18: Reuter 4. 20: Schneider now at Nannini's rear. 23. Asch slowing down (fuel) Reuter 3. Schneider slow (fuel) 24: Asch stalling - Schneider stalling. 25: Nannini slow (fuel), but he is reaching the finish line 1/2 car length in front of Reuter.

1. Nannini * 2. Reuter 3. van Ommen 4. Danner 5. Thiim 6. Sullivan 7. Andy Wallace Alfa Romeo 155 V6 (1993) 8. Uwe Alzen Mecedes Benz ('93) 9. "John Winter" 10.Schneider

* Nannini was disqualified later. The rules say that there must be left 3 liters of fuel after the race for analysis. Probably Schneider will be DQ'd for the same reason.

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